Economic Realities Test

Above is a link to what is called the Economic Realities Test. This determines whether or not a worker is an employee entitled to back pay, stolen tips and other employee benefits in a workplace. Strip clubs often lie to dancers, by telling them they are independent contractors or lease holders.

National Labor Relations Board

Above is a link to the National Labor Relations Board. Established last century, the NLRB is a beautiful entity that protects workers who want to do things like organize a labor union or discuss working conditions with their coworkers. It is illegal for workplaces to fire employees when they do that. If it happens, the NLRB may be willing to represent you. The NLRB has mostly been wonderful to me, and words cannot express how much I love them.


Above is a link to the EEOC. They are an organization that protects employees who are being discriminated against or harassed because of things like race or sex.

United States Department of Labor

The U.S. Department of Labor is a good place to start calling or emailing if you'd like more guidance on how to file a complaint against your club.

Stripper Web

This website has been a resource to me throughout my career. It provides reviews of clubs around the world, written by and for dancers. It's not always updated, but is a great director for traveling dancers or labor leaders suddenly without work, chased out of town by scabs and fired by the boss.

Amazon Recorders

When the workplace is full of scabs and cowards, a voice recorder to catch the bosses violating labor law can be your only friend. Amazon has a wealth of options and the above link is just one of them.