“Fresh” is a word that Joel Wheelock likes to use a lot. He used it in the Filter Free podcast that is no longer available online. In the podcast, he described new strippers as “fresh,” in contrast to older, more jaded ones. While I worked at Seville, he used it to describe newer strippers as well. What he means when using the word, is that younger dancers are more naïve and easier for him to manipulate. Men like Joel don’t like it when women become more wise to his manipulative ways, so men like Joel figure out ways to make naïve women feel good about being new. That way, men like Joel will have an easier time getting sex and getting rid of people who are wise to their behaviors, like older women who Joel does not describe as “fresh.” Many strippers who have known Joel for more than a few years are familiar with his behaviors, but he keeps getting rid of them by harassing them over the microphone.

Fresh water lakes are abundant in the state of Minnesota, so another way that Joel uses the word “fresh” is in his DJ group, which he named “Fresh Water.” Joel is a very salty man who stock piles guns and is very negative, so it’s ironic that he calls his work “fresh.”

Salty Joel is SO stupid and gross. He is pushing 50 and not fresh at all.