Ear Damage

Many strip clubs violate OSHA standards with regards to noise safety in the workplace. They misclassify dancers, and sometimes misclassify workers such as DJs, security, bartenders and cashiers. That way, strip clubs don't have to worry as much about ear damage that workers experience. As a general rule, workers should be able to hear one another speaking from three feet away. If not, ear plugs should be worn. Strippers and staff almost never wear ear plugs, but owners don't care about any of that.

Here's a guide on ear safety to get you started: Ear Safety

I have been so pre-occupied with misclassification and title VII violations that I have barely given attention to hearing damage. Sadly, I have never filed an OSHA complaint about ear safety, despite many opportunities to do so. There is only so much time in the day. My hearing abilities are irreversibly damaged after 12+ years.

It would be nice if some of the more popular dancer websites and internet personalities gave attention to stripper ear damage.