Shakers Studies: Kayla Huss

This deer murderer was named Kayla Huss while I worked at Shakers, but she has since taken her husband’s name.


Kayla fancies herself a country gal. She danced to country music on stage. One will find the random stripper with a country gal aesthetic every so often in strip clubs. I liked working with Kayla because she didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t in order to keep up with left wing liberal pop culture. I don’t try to keep up with left wing liberal pop culture myself, so sometimes the country gals like Kayla and I get along really well— until they realize that I am not like them.

I wear a lot of cammo. While working at Shakers, I had part-time residency at a corn and soybean farm in rural Southern Minnesota, which was a few hours away from the club. Therefore, I had Minnesota license plates. There are certainly aspects of my behavior and aura that are country, and I have certainly spent many moons in farmland. Kayla noticed my country ways and struck up a conversation with me one night in the dressing room. She began telling me about all of the different animals that her boyfriend has killed, and enthusiastically described how a gal can get a boyfriend to take her out hunting. One particular anecdote that she was entertained with telling me was about the time her boyfriend trapped a skunk that released a potent odor. They didn’t go to the trap for several days, while the skunk suffered and died. I didn’t mention to Kayla that I am a vegan, or that I love hunting accidents. I felt really sorry for that skunk while she was sharing that anecdote with me in the dressing room that day, and I knew some day I would put it on this blog. I didn’t say anything or argue with her about it, because a bunch of other people at Shakers already hated me, and I needed that country gal as an ally!

From our conversations about cammo and the countryside, Kayla began to think that there was something weird about me and drifted away socially, although it was a relief to not hear more about colonialist male domination and unnecessary animal murder.

I just wear cammo because the patterns are beautiful. I have never fired a gun in my life.

Kayla never harassed, assaulted or threatened me during the turbulent times at Shakers. She was pretty much out of the loop and didn’t know what was going on during that time. It’s because she usually doesn’t engage with all of the stupid, petty people who work there. Kayla eventually did learn about the site after I left, and made comments on a facebook post that was negatively discussing Kayla said that the site made her feel “aggro” and that “Lucky shes using code names so tht bitch dont get sued.” Kayla commented that she wants to know if any of the Shakers people end up on the site.

This one goes out to the skunks.