Shakers Studies: Bianca Leigh Conway

Bianca Leigh Conway and her siblings had to be delivered by cesarean section, because their Conway heads were too large to fit through their mother’s modest birth canal.


Bianca went by Milan at Shakers while I worked there. I am a really good hustler, so dancers with self esteem issues and not so good hustling skills have had a range of negative reactions to watching me. Bianca was more or less catty in the beginning. However, she is still more attractive than most of the dancers at Shakers, so she sold OK for herself and eventually came around. We chatted at work sometimes.

I adopted a German Shepherd while I was at Shakers and felt really guilty about putting her in a crate to potty train her. I told Bianca about it, because she has a Rottweiler mix who she was also “training.” However, when she began to describe her “training,” she informed me that she likes put her dog in his crate for most of the time that she is home sometimes, and laughs at him crying in there for hours while she is going about her day. She giggled maniacally while telling me about it. She is a sadistic torturer of her Rottweiler mix. After that conversation, I decided to stop crate training my dog.

Bianca didn’t know much about stripper labor rights until the night that DJ Steve Loe was harassing me so badly that I stopped going on stage. I told him I knew my rights, then he freaked out and talked to Dillon Maynard privately. I explained to Bianca what was going on and why Steve and his followers were behaving so oddly. I explained to her all of her rights. She seemed pleasantly surprised that she had those rights, but she never exercised them, because she is a coward. At first she didn’t get involved, but eventually she began treating me like shit. I have no idea who said what to her in a way that would inspire her decision, but my austere aloof work persona probably didn’t warm her feelings.

I am not a big drinker and for quite a while in my 20’s, I identified as “straight-edge.” However, because I don’t like fielding questions from drunken strippers, sometimes I just say that I am in recovery and can’t drink. It cuts down on their bothering me to drink, while also making them empathize with me enough to leave me alone. That is what I did at Shakers. After Bianca decided to treat me poorly, she kept saying things to me at work, such as,

“This is so stressful it would make an alcoholic want to just bust open a case of beer and guzzle!”

You see, Bianca thought that I was stressed out enough to relapse into a state of alcoholism that she thought I suffered from. She was being sadistic in saying that, just like she sadistically tortures her dog.