Shakers Studies: Gabrielle Es

Sometimes when unattractive people want to feel better about themselves, they drape their bodies with the skins of animals who suffered in cages before dying of vaginal and anal electrocution. Unattractive people feel sexy and sultry when they do that. Case in point-- Mz. Gabrielle Es:

fur hag cropped.jpg

It is difficult to find a photo of Gabrielle Es where she is not concealing her abnormally weak chin. Shakers is a place with a lot of inbred looking weak chins, but Gabrielle's was the most extreme.


Gabrielle Es went by Kristina at Shakers. I don't know if Gabrielle Es is her real name, but that is her facebook name. She is facebook friends with the Robinson family and is a TOTAL scab who cucks for the boss. She doesn't care for Stripper Labor Rights at all.

Shakers wanted all dances to take place in their designated rooms, but they couldn’t legally enforce that. When I started doing them out on the floor, Gabrielle Es went over to tell Dillon about it, in hopes of getting me in trouble. Dillon knew my legal rights, whereas Gabrielle Es is oblivious to many things in life. She was having a hard time comprehending why Dillon wasn’t able to reprimand me, and it upset her that I was so free.

Gabrielle Es is from the dorky state of New Jersey. I have no idea how she ended up in Nebraska. She never really talked to me, but would do weird things like fling water on me in the bathroom after washing her hands, and toss books on the floor that I put on the free shelf.

Near my end at Shakers, I was being harassed so badly by other dancers that I didn't feel comfortable putting my belongings in the dressing room. Even though there are cameras in the dressing room, Dillon Maynard, Steve Loe and the Robinsons were unwilling to protect me. So, I would store them in the shelves of the lap dance room, where I could keep a better eye on them. Gabrielle Es did not like me doing that and raised a stink about it.