Shakers Studies: Narica Herrington

Narica Herrington has great bone structure, but no brains or self-esteem to match.

Narica Herrington.jpg

Narica spent a lot of time at Shakers discussing her unpleasant personal life and all of the dramatics that go along with being sexually attracted to men who are deadbeat losers. She is not a very nice person and was often willing to bully anyone who caused the emotion of jealousy to stir within her. One thing that really upset Narica in terms of body image was not inheriting the gene for a large rear-end. Unfortunately, misogynist songs and elements of popular culture have made Narica feel sad about not getting a big ass from certain branches of her lineage, which she regularly complains about. Narica generally prefers to avoid people who are smarter or more attractive than she is.

Here are some of her facebook posts:


“Baby daddy tryna save me but he musta forgot he the one who made me.”

“I ain’t got no hope in us baby, it don’t make no sense tryna hold on”

That stuff goes on and on, and it's also the kind of stuff that streamed out of her mouth at work. When I started exercising my rights and distributing fliers about worker rights, it was completely over Narica's head. The Robinsons liked that. Most of the stuff inside of Narica's head are things about reproduction, failed relationships and surviving daily life on the mean streets of rural Nebraska.

Since Narica was mean to me even before I was outed, she was a willing participant in the harassment that I experienced after becoming vocal about worker rights. Though she is a low-IQ person and not very threatening, her voice did add to a chorus of others in a way that was not fun for me to experience. One night, I wore blue body paint like an ancient Pict. This upset and confused Narica, causing her to clap her hands in my face. I could have probably beat the shit out of her if I wanted to, but I was greatly outnumbered.

I put Narica on the site to provide an sample for future labor activists to understand the type of person you may encounter-- dumb, cruel, occupied with basic functioning and willing to lash out at anything that confuses them.

Narica's children will most likely repeat the cycle by producing their own offspring who they cannot support intellectually, financially or emotionally. They will probably become scabs too.