Shakers Studies: London

London is a successful porn star who lives in Las Vegas.


I don't want to advertise her work, so I won't share her porno moniker. She is from Nebraska and started dancing at Shakers over a decade ago, back when she was a Sociology major and aspiring teacher. Her whole family is in Nebraska and she is not ashamed of her life choices.

I only worked with London for one shift, I and genuinely enjoyed her company. She is strikingly beautiful, wicked smart and very kind to animals as well as humans. London and I have a lot in common, like being proud sex workers who don't like it when misogynists judge what we do with our bodies. We sat together and conversed in the back of the club when there weren't any customers to hustle. She is one of the most pleasantly memorable strippers who I have ever known.

Unfortunately, London does not understand what the economic realities test is, and when our conversation turned to the differences between employees and independent contractors, there was an awkward rift. I didn't want to continue the conversation with her after that. Fortunately, some customers started coming in and I was able to avoid her for the rest of the night. I think she suggested we get drinks, but I slithered away for the rest of the night and then kept away from Shakers until I knew she left town.

London is friends with the Robinsons and a lot of the Shakers veterans, including people who were absolutely horrible to me. She was back in Vegas by the time shit hit the fans with me there, but she made a tweet that said,

I'm never upset paying house fees as a dancer. Clubs can reasonably put specific rules in lease agreements to protect the image of their business. But it's too easy for owners and dancers to forget who's paying who. Owners are people we do business with. They are not bosses”

This tweet is no good, because it doesn't acknowledge what the Economic Realities test is, why it is important, or why her friend Dan Robinson lost a lawsuit after he enforced rules that legally classified dancers as employees but did not recognize their rights. London misses a lot of stuff having to do with oppression, because she is very privileged in ways that a lot of people are not. I don't hate her for it, but I also don't want to hang out with her and get drinks.

Shakers uses photos of London for their facebook. Even though she only works there a few days out of the year when she visits Nebraska, she fits many mainstream beauty standards that other Shakers dancers do not fit. Using her image probably attracts more patrons and financially benefits all who work at Shakers. Men may come into the club in hopes of seeing women who look like her, even though they probably won't. I think that’s hilarious.