Shakers Studies: Dallas

Shakers has a stripper who goes by the name of Dallas. I cannot find a photo of her. She is definitely not used for their facebook. That would deter customers from going into the club. The only celebrity or image from the media that I can think of who she resembles is the Bride of Shrek. I will post this for reference:


Dallas tells people she is from Texas and enhances that aspect of herself when trying to hustle. She fits almost no mainstream beauty standards, and wears hats made out of hair. Dallas spends a lot of time in the dressing room complaining about that fact. She feels very oppressed and persecuted by it. From a business perspective, I can see why most strip clubs would want to attract patrons. Therefore, I can understand why most strip clubs would not want to hire Dallas.

Dallas puts up with a lot of sexual assault from customers. By that, I mean I have watched men walk up to her from behind and place their hands on her intimate body parts, aggressively and playfully. She does not protest, back away or reprimand them in the same way that myself and other dancers do. Dallas does not have the privilege to pick and choose customers in the same way that I do. While I was working at Shakers, I would punch or strike men who sexually assaulted me. I was able to assert my boundaries at Shakers and still make money. That is because many people were willing to buy dances from me. Not so many people are willing to buy dances from Dallas, so she puts up with abuse from the worst kinds of customers. Being a bottom feeder is her only means of survival. That is the only way she is able to sell any dances at all. I do not know why she is a stripper. There are many jobs that would probably give her a lot more money than the income that stripping provides for her.

I was usually the only dancer at Shakers who can speak some Spanish, and there were times when I sold more dances to Spanish speaking people. Some nights, Dallas would approach these customers and make fun of their accents, language and heritage. These customers expressed no interest in buying dances from her, because of her physical appearance and behavior. That being said, it was confusing to me why she was expressing racist sentiments toward them when she is an oppressed, marginalized person herself.

If I was giving a lap dance or in the VIP room and a customer tried to touch me, I would stop them or end the dance. That is because I am not a prostitute or desperate. One thing that Dallas did, in order to make money, was to coddle the men who were upset with me for not letting them touch me. Then, she would discuss how “cold” I am. She would discuss how “cold” I am both on the floor and in the dressing room. She would loudly brag about how great her lap dances are compared to mine. It struck me as really stupid, because I genuinely did not care what she some gross predatory man thought of me not letting him touch me. It is sad to me when women get sexually assaulted and then other women escalate the harm done to them. I never said anything to her about that, and instead chose to completely ignore her.

Dallas knew that I was not going to be let back into work after January 1st. She was discussing it in the dressing room, and was enthusiastic about my departure. Even though she is really unattractive and horrible, she gets along with the Robinsons and non-dancer employees. Sometimes ShitLibs like Dan Robinson feel better about themselves, by spending time with people like Dallas.

When I distributed Know Your Rights fliers in the club, Dallas informed management right away when she saw them on the bathroom counter top. Even though she spends time complaining about her own oppression, she would prefer not to actually do anything to further the cause of stripper labor rights. Being a discontent scab is all she knows.

It is important for potential stripper labor advocates to understand that sometimes, you won’t always find solidarity from other marginalized people. Unfortunately, the media and education system tends to lie and avoid focusing on this phenomenon. However, it is OK for you to notice patterns in these situations and learn from them.