Shakers Studies: Molly Ruterbories

Molly Ruterbories physically assaulted me during one of my last shifts at Shakers. I was approaching a customer who I often spoke to. She stepped in front of me and forcefully rammed her arm into my throat. She instructed the customer not to talk to me any more, and he never did. She did this very shortly after Shakers told all of the dancers that the club was switching over to recognizing their employee rights. The way that Shakers described being employees made it sound very unpleasant, and Molly Ruterbories was upset by that fact. She knew that I had distributed fliers having to do with employee rights, and she heard a lot of gossip with regards to my history in the legal system. We barely ever talked before that incident, and while I thought she was dumb, I didn't mind working with her.

Molly Ruterbories didn't use a stage name. She just went by Molly. She's about six feet tall, very gangly, with strong bones and muscles, but no tits or ass. She was the only Shakers dancer who physically frightened me in a one-on-one scenario. I reported the assault to Dillon Maynard after it happened. He didn't want to be bothered by it, and just told me to call the police. He knew it was unlikely that I was going to get the police involved. I asked him for a copy of the camera footage, and he refused. That was one of the conversations between Dillon and I in which we were both audio recording each other at the same time. Dillon spent a lot of time monitoring me while I was sending text messages, walking up behind me and staring at the screen. However, he was uninterested in preventing people like Molly Rutoerbories from injuring my throat.

Molly Ruterbories comes from a conservative, upper middle class hhhuu-WYTE family in flyover country, USA. That’s her on the left in the padded bra.


In her late teens, Molly began a transformation. It was some straight up Rob Van Winkle shit. Molly was in her early twenties when we danced at Shakers together. She had the DJ play hardcore rap for her while she was on stage. She pronounced her words and sentences with the same vernacular that can be found in hardcore rap music. Right out of Rachel Dolezal's playbook, this young miss enjoys showing off new hair styles.


You'll find a lot of this in strip clubs. I don't understand it. Maybe young women like Molly are trying to prove toughness through cultural appropriation. Whatever the case may be, Molly was impregnated after her transformation, by one of her new friends. Most of her Shakers money went towards supporting the kid and getting through community college.


Peace out and word to ya motha.