My name is Brandi Campbell.

Across the United States, most strippers are employees lied to by their bosses, who tell them they are independent contractors or lease holders. Under these mislabels, we experience difficulties in attaining Title VII protections, healthcare, workman's compensation, retirement benefits, the ability to unionize, bread and roses and a host of other benefits available only to employees. In addition to lying bosses, the strip club industry is rife with scabs.

I made this website because I was dissatisfied with the mainstream media depictions of my litigation and stripper labor rights activity. I was also dissatisfied with the politically correct, dishonest landscape of the sex worker rights movement.

Strippers are suing their workplaces for the recognition of their employee status and all of the protections that come with it. This website is dedicated to articles discussing the movement and related subjects. This website is in solidarity with all strippers who are fighting for employee protections, and exists to give a platform to them, regardless of who they are or their politics outside the context of this struggle. Strippers of the world, unite.


Selected Interviews:

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