Shakers Studies: Dakota Rae Bergen

St. Patrick's day weekend is almost here! It's that time of year when thousands of non-Irish Americans culturally appropriate and make a racist mockery of Irish people through the use of stupid accessories and drunken parties. In honor of that, brings you our next dancer on Shakers Studies... Dakota Rae Bergen! Dakota Rae Bergen is not Irish, but picked the stage name Riley. Her appropriated stage name is only the tip of the ice Bergen.


Dakota Rae Bergen is not Native American, but her Bergen progenitors thought it would be hip and cool to appropriate the name of an indigenous North American tribe for their Bergen baby. I'll just refer to her as Bergen for the rest of this post.

Bergen is not Swedish, but has a tattoo of a Dala horse on her thigh. She didn't know what it was and had to google it on her phone one day when I asked.

Bergen started dancing a little bit before I started working at Shakers. She was in her mid-to-late-twenties when starting her stripping career, which is a bit late compared to many other dancers. Around the same time that she became a stripper, she also became a webcam “model.” Her wealthy Bergen parents live in Colorado, and as far as I know, were still supporting her financially during her time at Shakers. If any of my readers have the dollar amount of how much money she was getting from the Bergen estate, please message me. I ask because her hustling skills were horrible at Shakers and I wondered about her daily survival expenses.

Bergen was very friendly with me when I first started working at Shakers. At first I was appreciative of her kindness. However, I became less appreciative as time went on and her creepy factor increased.

In addition to attempting webcam porn, Bergen and her lesbian sex playmate Sash Seamans were trying to profit from an indie upstart porno website. What I noticed Bergen doing in the strip club was talking to dancers and attempting to recruit them to be on the site. She suggested I come over to her place and make some porn together. I definitely didn't want to make porn with her. No amount of money would ever get me to do that. However, I went to the website a few times while I worked at Shakers, just to see what it had on it and to see which dancers participated. As far as I know, fur hag Gabrielle Es was the only one to do it. The site contains some of the grossest and most aesthetically displeasing porn I have ever seen in my life. I was disturbed by the way that Bergen used her time at Shakers to access dancers in private areas, trying to recruit. I have done adult modeling, and sometimes I look at erotica, so it's not that I am anti-porn. It was just the way she went about it and the content on the site that was appalling.

Bergen identifies as a lesbian and would often giggle to me about her orientation that she kept a secret from customers. Since she was a new dancer and ignorant to the inner workings of strip clubs, Bergen was under the impression that most dancers are heterosexual women who enjoy dancing naked for hoards of disgusting loser men. Of course, that is not true at all. Most dancers are not heterosexual, and most dancers only talk to customers for the money. Even for dancers who are attracted to some men, such as myself, the men who go to strip clubs are not the types of people who I would want. Bergen didn't get it though. She was a rich kid on a fun empowering adventure into the world of sex work, giggly about being a lesbian dancing for men and thinking she was unique. I really disliked all of those assumptions. I disliked having to deal with a Colorado trust fund tourist nympho, masquerading as a sex worker.

Bergen had bad boundaries with me at work. Multiple times, I would come into the dressing room at the beginning of a shift and she would touch my dresses, compliment them, touch my feet, rub them, and do other creepy things without ever asking consent to put her hands on me. Sometimes when lesbian and bisexual women start working in strip clubs, they feel it is appropriate to behave that way, like they have an automatic intimacy with dancers because we are in these close spaces naked and vulnerable. That is not true at all though-- nobody has any right or entitlement to touch another person, no matter where or who they are.

Bergen had a German Shepherd puppy who she was training at the same time that I was training my adult German Shepherd. She repeatedly asked me to hang out with her and have a doggy play date, but I blew her off multiple times. She felt slighted by this. I didn't tell her why, but I will write it on my blog now-- it is because she bought her dog from a breeder on Craigslist rather than going to a shelter. Her wealthy family members are dog breeders, and she grew up in an atmosphere where she found nothing wrong with exploiting the reproductive systems of dogs for profit, bringing puppies into the world, allowing humans to kidnap them and giving no regard to shelter animals. Her lack of respect for animal boundaries was consistent with her lack of respect for stripper boundaries.

Bergen would sit with customers for over an hour, stoned, talking to them or sometimes just staring into space while they watched the stage. This was bad for my income, because there were times when I knew I could easily get a guy to buy a dance if she wasn't sitting there. If it was slow, this was especially agonizing. I would have to sit and wait until she got up, which took forever. She was usually high and had the facial expression of someone with down's syndrome. I do not know how she afforded so much weed, other than income from other Bergens. She could not pole dance or do anything sexy on stage, and like a shit stain, a sopping wet fart, bumbling and fumbling with a big bow on top of her head like Betty Rubble, Bergen made her moves, and I would just think to myself, “What the actual fuck?”

Sometimes on nights when football was on, Dan Robinson would set up a table and put out crock pots, cheese, crackers and assorted grotesqueries for customers to graze. Bergen almost always came in on these nights, just to eat that food and break even with her house fee and gas money.

Bergen did not understand why I was at Shakers. I was at Shakers to get in, make as much money as possible, and leave before midnight so that I could enjoy my life. I was not there to flirt with my lesbian and bisexual coworkers. I was not there to hang out with the Robinsons. I was not there to sit stoned like a deer in a meadow. There were slow times when she and I would be sitting at a table together, a customer would come in, I would get up to talk to him and she would be offended that I cut her off from talking to me. Her entitlement to my time was the mark of a privileged narcissistic Bergen, unaware of the financial needs of people like me. It was amazingly offensive and hilarious.

Many heterosexual men who go to strip clubs have similar entitlement issues to women's time and energy. Therefore, talking to Bergen was a great way for them to vent. DJ Steve Loe was Bergen's friend and cannabis buddy. He was very happy with how warm and friendly Bergen was compared to me, who he thought was “cold.” DJ Steve Loe would taunt me for the sense of urgency that I had with hustling. He too did not understand my reason for being at Shakers.

DJ Steve Loe and dancer Sash Seamans convinced Bergen that I was plotting against them, during the time when I was asserting my rights and educating people about their rights. Bergen began threatening me, by discussing her martial arts skills and gun shooting skills. Bergen stated on her twitter that I was “bringing out” her “inner psycho” at work. Bergen began following me around, telling customers not to buy dances from me. Despite all of this, I still made money and sold rooms. It confused her. She did not understand my powerful effect on men.

Since a lot of Bergen's behavior overlapped with the behavior of Sash Seamans, the next post about Sash will discuss their teamwork.

Shakers Studies: Corleawn Ross

Corleawn Ross ended up a single mother of three by her mid-twenties. She supports her family by being a stripper, cause love don't pay the bill$, y'all.


One of the reasons why a lot of strippers are resistant to having their employee rights recognized, is that many strippers draw welfare money from the government. They don't like telling the IRS about the all the money they make per year from strip clubs. They'd rather continue getting welfare checks, and skip things like Title VII protection, benefits and a union.

Corleawn Ross went by Serenity at Shakers. I had a recurring problem there, where customers would be mad at me in the back room for not sucking their dicks or pleasing them sexually like several dancers did for them. I avoided customers who had been Serenity's, because this is what they expected out of me after being her customer. Like with Dallas, Serenity had a tendency to coddle misogynist losers who were mad at me for not giving them enough of my time or energy. Serenity contributed to gossip with regards to me being “cold” and “negative.” These are terms that misogynists and their sympathizers use when they feel entitled to a woman's time and attention.


As a word of advice to strip club patrons looking for a little more-- don't go for smoking hot Valkyries who sit by themselves sipping coffee. You'll get more bang for your buck in the back room if you pick a dancer who is desperate to break a hundred.

Serenity did this thing where she would loudly talk about people within ear shot, but not say anything directly to them. For example, one of her customers sexually assaulted me before I turned him down for a dance. He had a hatred for females because of his inability to attract one outside of the strip club. Serenity proceeded to discuss my negative attitude with him, loudly so I could hear. That's what passive-aggressive losers do together. It grossed me out to hear, but one will find a variety of misogynists in any industry who are willing to do the same thing.


Sometimes in strip clubs, I don't necessarily have to socialize or hustle customers for dances. I can just stoically sit by myself sipping coffee with my long porcelain legs draped over the chair, and they just come to me. Serenity noticed this and didn't like it very much. She didn't like it when I worked on nights that she worked.

The first time Serenity saw me, I was sitting by myself at an end bar stool drinking coffee. I keep a poker face and don't show my emotions in the strip club very often. She took one look at me and said loudly to her friends,

“She a NAZI!”

This was not the first time that I have had a dumb person stare at my svelte body type, complexion and stoicism and call me a NAZI. In fact, it has happened multiple times throughout my life in strip clubs. It especially freaks people out when I dance to Rammstein on stage instead of bouncy songs about ass. Being an introverted person only contributes to their delusions about who I am.

Serenity was taking a break from Shakers in the days leading up to my last shift, and on that last shift she learnt that the club had decided to switch over to calling us employees and recognizing those rights. As stated in previous entries, the club manipulated ignorant dancers into believing that this would be a bad thing. Serenity was very upset by it, almost in tears, and said to a customer who had asked her why they were switching,

“Cause girlz iz bein' dumb.”

I wasn't being dumb when distributing Know Your Rights fliers, suing strip clubs for misclassification and doing national press about it. Serenity is just a dumb person herself, with no knowledge of the labor movement. That's all. Shakers being pressured to recognize our rights was an amazing feat that I will forever hold dear, even if it was temporary.

Shakers Studies: Karma

Strip clubs are places where all kinds of cultural appropriation can be found. One way cultural appropriation happens in strip clubs is through dancer stage names. Karma is a popular stage name for strippers to pick. I've known Karmas in Oregon, Karmas in Minnesota, Karmas in Vegas, and most recently-- a Karma in Waverly, Nebraska.


A Sanskrit word, Karma is the Buddhist concept that refers to future consequences from a previous action. The concept of Karma has been appropriated and mutilated in the West in all sorts of ways. It is a victim-blaming term that does not hold abusers accountable, and blames sufferers. I do not believe that karma is real. Google is a great resource to find out more about how stupid it is when people talk about karma.

I drove Westward into Nebraska through I-80 on a warm Summer afternoon in 2017, with all of the clubs in the Lincoln-Omaha area written down in a notebook. I drove to whatever one my GPS said was closest to my Motel 6 room. That club was called Night Before Lounge and located in downtown Lincoln. I auditioned at Night Before Lounge. The owner told me that he makes the schedules and only gives dancers a few nights per week. He had me fill out a large application which had all kinds of questions about who I am. He said he'd call me, but never did. I needed to find work quick, so I kept looking and ended up in Waverly.

On one of my first nights at Shakers, Karma asked me if I was auditioning at Night Before Lounge the other night, and informed me that she knows the owner. She was there hanging out and saw me audition. She went on to tell me about other people who she knows in the Nebraska strip club scene, and informed me of her social connections. I avoid people who brag about their social connections and who stay in one spot like a barnacle for an excessive amount of time. I do this because their bragging annoys me, but also because they tend to ask prying questions about my life or find things out about me while at work that are none of their fucking business.

In subsequent nights, Karma would brag to me about how long she has known Dan Robinson. She would voluntarily strike up conversations with me about what a great guy he is, and how he built the club from the ground up all on his own. She never mentioned his losing the lawsuit. Karma would do things that dancers were made to do prior to Dan losing the lawsuit, like vacuum and clean the club. I have a strong visual memory of her vacuuming the floors while wearing a satin teal leotard and black stripper heels. I felt really sorry for Karma when seeing her vacuum like that. Making dancers clean the club but not paying them, giving them any benefits or employee recognition is a really disgusting thing to do, and then to see Karma doing it even after the rules were removed was pathetic.

Karma is around my age and a recovering addict. One time she was telling a group of dancers about how when she was a younger stripper, she was on a coked out binge and spent $10,000 at Buckle in a one year time span. I've gone to a few Buckle outlets since then, just to have a look around and calculate what they sell that could amount to $10,000. Honestly I can't picture it.

I'm glad I didn't know coke sniffing Karma. If I have to work with people on drugs, I prefer they are on opiates or sedatives. People on stimulants are extra annoying and combative. There were times when I would be sitting next to Karma and she'd nod off or stare into space, so I did wonder what drug she switched to after her coke days were over. It was a lot easier to work with her when she was sedated though, because at least then she wasn't trying to defend Dan Robinson.

When I stopped going on stage and began exercising my rights, Karma did not like that at all. She would comment on how messed up it was and ask management what was going on. She didn't understand it. She would try to physically intimidate me, but I wasn't intimidated at all, because while she has beautiful defined muscles, she is only about five feet tall.

Despite all of the above, I quietly cherished Karma's presence. She had no idea. I preferred to work when she worked, because she danced to metal and didn't behave like Molly Ruterbories. Shakers had a tendency to get a certain vibe in a short period of time, and I was happy to have Karma's stage presence serve as a buffer and cut through all of that. I can get really colloquial with describing the vibes at Shakers, but there are certain things that I don't put on the site. She holds her own really well. Her presence made my time there easier. Karma and I had an overlapping client base, and that didn't bother me at all. Our voices sound a lot of like. It is nice to have other women around with a similar kind of unapologetic femininity.

When I was having a partial seizure in the dressing room one night, she was kind and helpful to me.

Karma was not nice to me when I wore my blue Pict body paint. She asked if it was war paint, and participated in verbal degradation with regards to my labor rights advocacy. When I make myself look like an ancient Pict in the strip club, it is war paint. I don't culturally appropriate when I wear it. I am a modern Pict, proud of who I am and willing to stand up for what is right.

Shakers Studies: Molly Ruterbories

Molly Ruterbories physically assaulted me during one of my last shifts at Shakers. I was approaching a customer who I often spoke to. She stepped in front of me and forcefully rammed her arm into my throat. She instructed the customer not to talk to me any more, and he never did. She did this very shortly after Shakers told all of the dancers that the club was switching over to recognizing their employee rights. The way that Shakers described being employees made it sound very unpleasant, and Molly Ruterbories was upset by that fact. She knew that I had distributed fliers having to do with employee rights, and she heard a lot of gossip with regards to my history in the legal system. We barely ever talked before that incident, and while I thought she was dumb, I didn't mind working with her.

Molly Ruterbories didn't use a stage name. She just went by Molly. She's about six feet tall, very gangly, with strong bones and muscles, but no tits or ass. She was the only Shakers dancer who physically frightened me in a one-on-one scenario. I reported the assault to Dillon Maynard after it happened. He didn't want to be bothered by it, and just told me to call the police. He knew it was unlikely that I was going to get the police involved. I asked him for a copy of the camera footage, and he refused. That was one of the conversations between Dillon and I in which we were both audio recording each other at the same time. Dillon spent a lot of time monitoring me while I was sending text messages, walking up behind me and staring at the screen. However, he was uninterested in preventing people like Molly Rutoerbories from injuring my throat.

Molly Ruterbories comes from a conservative, upper middle class hhhuu-WYTE family in flyover country, USA. That’s her on the left in the padded bra.


In her late teens, Molly began a transformation. It was some straight up Rob Van Winkle shit. Molly was in her early twenties when we danced at Shakers together. She had the DJ play hardcore rap for her while she was on stage. She pronounced her words and sentences with the same vernacular that can be found in hardcore rap music. Right out of Rachel Dolezal's playbook, this young miss enjoys showing off new hair styles.


You'll find a lot of this in strip clubs. I don't understand it. Maybe young women like Molly are trying to prove toughness through cultural appropriation. Whatever the case may be, Molly was impregnated after her transformation, by one of her new friends. Most of her Shakers money went towards supporting the kid and getting through community college.


Peace out and word to ya motha.

Shakers Studies: Dallas

Shakers has a stripper who goes by the name of Dallas. I cannot find a photo of her. She is definitely not used for their facebook. That would deter customers from going into the club. The only celebrity or image from the media that I can think of who she resembles is the Bride of Shrek. I will post this for reference:


Dallas tells people she is from Texas and enhances that aspect of herself when trying to hustle. She fits almost no mainstream beauty standards, and wears hats made out of hair. Dallas spends a lot of time in the dressing room complaining about that fact. She feels very oppressed and persecuted by it. From a business perspective, I can see why most strip clubs would want to attract patrons. Therefore, I can understand why most strip clubs would not want to hire Dallas.

Dallas puts up with a lot of sexual assault from customers. By that, I mean I have watched men walk up to her from behind and place their hands on her intimate body parts, aggressively and playfully. She does not protest, back away or reprimand them in the same way that myself and other dancers do. Dallas does not have the privilege to pick and choose customers in the same way that I do. While I was working at Shakers, I would punch or strike men who sexually assaulted me. I was able to assert my boundaries at Shakers and still make money. That is because many people were willing to buy dances from me. Not so many people are willing to buy dances from Dallas, so she puts up with abuse from the worst kinds of customers. Being a bottom feeder is her only means of survival. That is the only way she is able to sell any dances at all. I do not know why she is a stripper. There are many jobs that would probably give her a lot more money than the income that stripping provides for her.

I was usually the only dancer at Shakers who can speak some Spanish, and there were times when I sold more dances to Spanish speaking people. Some nights, Dallas would approach these customers and make fun of their accents, language and heritage. These customers expressed no interest in buying dances from her, because of her physical appearance and behavior. That being said, it was confusing to me why she was expressing racist sentiments toward them when she is an oppressed, marginalized person herself.

If I was giving a lap dance or in the VIP room and a customer tried to touch me, I would stop them or end the dance. That is because I am not a prostitute or desperate. One thing that Dallas did, in order to make money, was to coddle the men who were upset with me for not letting them touch me. Then, she would discuss how “cold” I am. She would discuss how “cold” I am both on the floor and in the dressing room. She would loudly brag about how great her lap dances are compared to mine. It struck me as really stupid, because I genuinely did not care what she some gross predatory man thought of me not letting him touch me. It is sad to me when women get sexually assaulted and then other women escalate the harm done to them. I never said anything to her about that, and instead chose to completely ignore her.

Dallas knew that I was not going to be let back into work after January 1st. She was discussing it in the dressing room, and was enthusiastic about my departure. Even though she is really unattractive and horrible, she gets along with the Robinsons and non-dancer employees. Sometimes ShitLibs like Dan Robinson feel better about themselves, by spending time with people like Dallas.

When I distributed Know Your Rights fliers in the club, Dallas informed management right away when she saw them on the bathroom counter top. Even though she spends time complaining about her own oppression, she would prefer not to actually do anything to further the cause of stripper labor rights. Being a discontent scab is all she knows.

It is important for potential stripper labor advocates to understand that sometimes, you won’t always find solidarity from other marginalized people. Unfortunately, the media and education system tends to lie and avoid focusing on this phenomenon. However, it is OK for you to notice patterns in these situations and learn from them.

Shakers Studies: Kitana

I don't know why Kitana worked at Shakers. She work dark lipstick and a backwards baseball hat. She barely sold any dances. She came in just to wiggle around on the main floor, as though she were at a rave and on drugs. She would flail her arms around toward other people in near-miss smacks. I often wondered if she paid a house fee like everyone else, or if Shakers let her do that for free. Her lesbian lover, Jessica Ayers, dances at Shakers and makes good money. Kitana went on stage and kept her things in the dressing room like all of the other strippers, and yet, it was as though she was not there to work.


When I started at Shakers, Kitana began complaining that her body and my body looked a lot alike. It bothered her that we listened to similar music on stage. She was concerned that there was going to be some sort of competition. Of course, there was no competition. I am feminine, affectionate and know how to hustle, whereas she is boyish, bizarre and dedicated most of her working hours to socializing with other strippers.

Kitana has the kind of internalized misogyny that criticizes traditional femininity as something weak and undesirable. It is common to find this kind of dancer in a strip club. They usually don't make much money, yet they are there taking up space.


Kitana didn't want any part of standing up for the labor rights of strippers.

Shakers Studies: London

London is a successful porn star who lives in Las Vegas.


I don't want to advertise her work, so I won't share her porno moniker. She is from Nebraska and started dancing at Shakers over a decade ago, back when she was a Sociology major and aspiring teacher. Her whole family is in Nebraska and she is not ashamed of her life choices.

I only worked with London for one shift, I and genuinely enjoyed her company. She is strikingly beautiful, wicked smart and very kind to animals as well as humans. London and I have a lot in common, like being proud sex workers who don't like it when misogynists judge what we do with our bodies. We sat together and conversed in the back of the club when there weren't any customers to hustle. She is one of the most pleasantly memorable strippers who I have ever known.

Unfortunately, London does not understand what the economic realities test is, and when our conversation turned to the differences between employees and independent contractors, there was an awkward rift. I didn't want to continue the conversation with her after that. Fortunately, some customers started coming in and I was able to avoid her for the rest of the night. I think she suggested we get drinks, but I slithered away for the rest of the night and then kept away from Shakers until I knew she left town.

London is friends with the Robinsons and a lot of the Shakers veterans, including people who were absolutely horrible to me. She was back in Vegas by the time shit hit the fans with me there, but she made a tweet that said,

I'm never upset paying house fees as a dancer. Clubs can reasonably put specific rules in lease agreements to protect the image of their business. But it's too easy for owners and dancers to forget who's paying who. Owners are people we do business with. They are not bosses”

This tweet is no good, because it doesn't acknowledge what the Economic Realities test is, why it is important, or why her friend Dan Robinson lost a lawsuit after he enforced rules that legally classified dancers as employees but did not recognize their rights. London misses a lot of stuff having to do with oppression, because she is very privileged in ways that a lot of people are not. I don't hate her for it, but I also don't want to hang out with her and get drinks.

Shakers uses photos of London for their facebook. Even though she only works there a few days out of the year when she visits Nebraska, she fits many mainstream beauty standards that other Shakers dancers do not fit. Using her image probably attracts more patrons and financially benefits all who work at Shakers. Men may come into the club in hopes of seeing women who look like her, even though they probably won't. I think that’s hilarious.

Shakers Studies: Narica Herrington

Narica Herrington has great bone structure, but no brains or self-esteem to match.

Narica Herrington.jpg

Narica spent a lot of time at Shakers discussing her unpleasant personal life and all of the dramatics that go along with being sexually attracted to men who are deadbeat losers. She is not a very nice person and was often willing to bully anyone who caused the emotion of jealousy to stir within her. One thing that really upset Narica in terms of body image was not inheriting the gene for a large rear-end. Unfortunately, misogynist songs and elements of popular culture have made Narica feel sad about not getting a big ass from certain branches of her lineage, which she regularly complains about. Narica generally prefers to avoid people who are smarter or more attractive than she is.

Here are some of her facebook posts:


“Baby daddy tryna save me but he musta forgot he the one who made me.”

“I ain’t got no hope in us baby, it don’t make no sense tryna hold on”

That stuff goes on and on, and it's also the kind of stuff that streamed out of her mouth at work. When I started exercising my rights and distributing fliers about worker rights, it was completely over Narica's head. The Robinsons liked that. Most of the stuff inside of Narica's head are things about reproduction, failed relationships and surviving daily life on the mean streets of rural Nebraska.

Since Narica was mean to me even before I was outed, she was a willing participant in the harassment that I experienced after becoming vocal about worker rights. Though she is a low-IQ person and not very threatening, her voice did add to a chorus of others in a way that was not fun for me to experience. One night, I wore blue body paint like an ancient Pict. This upset and confused Narica, causing her to clap her hands in my face. I could have probably beat the shit out of her if I wanted to, but I was greatly outnumbered.

I put Narica on the site to provide an sample for future labor activists to understand the type of person you may encounter-- dumb, cruel, occupied with basic functioning and willing to lash out at anything that confuses them.

Narica's children will most likely repeat the cycle by producing their own offspring who they cannot support intellectually, financially or emotionally. They will probably become scabs too.

Shakers Studies: Gabrielle Es

Sometimes when unattractive people want to feel better about themselves, they drape their bodies with the skins of animals who suffered in cages before dying of vaginal and anal electrocution. Unattractive people feel sexy and sultry when they do that. Case in point-- Mz. Gabrielle Es:

fur hag cropped.jpg

It is difficult to find a photo of Gabrielle Es where she is not concealing her abnormally weak chin. Shakers is a place with a lot of inbred looking weak chins, but Gabrielle's was the most extreme.


Gabrielle Es went by Kristina at Shakers. I don't know if Gabrielle Es is her real name, but that is her facebook name. She is facebook friends with the Robinson family and is a TOTAL scab who cucks for the boss. She doesn't care for Stripper Labor Rights at all.

Shakers wanted all dances to take place in their designated rooms, but they couldn’t legally enforce that. When I started doing them out on the floor, Gabrielle Es went over to tell Dillon about it, in hopes of getting me in trouble. Dillon knew my legal rights, whereas Gabrielle Es is oblivious to many things in life. She was having a hard time comprehending why Dillon wasn’t able to reprimand me, and it upset her that I was so free.

Gabrielle Es is from the dorky state of New Jersey. I have no idea how she ended up in Nebraska. She never really talked to me, but would do weird things like fling water on me in the bathroom after washing her hands, and toss books on the floor that I put on the free shelf.

Near my end at Shakers, I was being harassed so badly by other dancers that I didn't feel comfortable putting my belongings in the dressing room. Even though there are cameras in the dressing room, Dillon Maynard, Steve Loe and the Robinsons were unwilling to protect me. So, I would store them in the shelves of the lap dance room, where I could keep a better eye on them. Gabrielle Es did not like me doing that and raised a stink about it.

Shakers Studies: Bianca Leigh Conway

Bianca Leigh Conway and her siblings had to be delivered by cesarean section, because their Conway heads were too large to fit through their mother’s modest birth canal.


Bianca went by Milan at Shakers while I worked there. I am a really good hustler, so dancers with self esteem issues and not so good hustling skills have had a range of negative reactions to watching me. Bianca was more or less catty in the beginning. However, she is still more attractive than most of the dancers at Shakers, so she sold OK for herself and eventually came around. We chatted at work sometimes.

I adopted a German Shepherd while I was at Shakers and felt really guilty about putting her in a crate to potty train her. I told Bianca about it, because she has a Rottweiler mix who she was also “training.” However, when she began to describe her “training,” she informed me that she likes put her dog in his crate for most of the time that she is home sometimes, and laughs at him crying in there for hours while she is going about her day. She giggled maniacally while telling me about it. She is a sadistic torturer of her Rottweiler mix. After that conversation, I decided to stop crate training my dog.

Bianca didn’t know much about stripper labor rights until the night that DJ Steve Loe was harassing me so badly that I stopped going on stage. I told him I knew my rights, then he freaked out and talked to Dillon Maynard privately. I explained to Bianca what was going on and why Steve and his followers were behaving so oddly. I explained to her all of her rights. She seemed pleasantly surprised that she had those rights, but she never exercised them, because she is a coward. At first she didn’t get involved, but eventually she began treating me like shit. I have no idea who said what to her in a way that would inspire her decision, but my austere aloof work persona probably didn’t warm her feelings.

I am not a big drinker and for quite a while in my 20’s, I identified as “straight-edge.” However, because I don’t like fielding questions from drunken strippers, sometimes I just say that I am in recovery and can’t drink. It cuts down on their bothering me to drink, while also making them empathize with me enough to leave me alone. That is what I did at Shakers. After Bianca decided to treat me poorly, she kept saying things to me at work, such as,

“This is so stressful it would make an alcoholic want to just bust open a case of beer and guzzle!”

You see, Bianca thought that I was stressed out enough to relapse into a state of alcoholism that she thought I suffered from. She was being sadistic in saying that, just like she sadistically tortures her dog.

Shakers Studies: Kayla Huss

This deer murderer was named Kayla Huss while I worked at Shakers, but she has since taken her husband’s name.


Kayla fancies herself a country gal. She danced to country music on stage. One will find the random stripper with a country gal aesthetic every so often in strip clubs. I liked working with Kayla because she didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t in order to keep up with left wing liberal pop culture. I don’t try to keep up with left wing liberal pop culture myself, so sometimes the country gals like Kayla and I get along really well— until they realize that I am not like them.

I wear a lot of cammo. While working at Shakers, I had part-time residency at a corn and soybean farm in rural Southern Minnesota, which was a few hours away from the club. Therefore, I had Minnesota license plates. There are certainly aspects of my behavior and aura that are country, and I have certainly spent many moons in farmland. Kayla noticed my country ways and struck up a conversation with me one night in the dressing room. She began telling me about all of the different animals that her boyfriend has killed, and enthusiastically described how a gal can get a boyfriend to take her out hunting. One particular anecdote that she was entertained with telling me was about the time her boyfriend trapped a skunk that released a potent odor. They didn’t go to the trap for several days, while the skunk suffered and died. I didn’t mention to Kayla that I am a vegan, or that I love hunting accidents. I felt really sorry for that skunk while she was sharing that anecdote with me in the dressing room that day, and I knew some day I would put it on this blog. I didn’t say anything or argue with her about it, because a bunch of other people at Shakers already hated me, and I needed that country gal as an ally!

From our conversations about cammo and the countryside, Kayla began to think that there was something weird about me and drifted away socially, although it was a relief to not hear more about colonialist male domination and unnecessary animal murder.

I just wear cammo because the patterns are beautiful. I have never fired a gun in my life.

Kayla never harassed, assaulted or threatened me during the turbulent times at Shakers. She was pretty much out of the loop and didn’t know what was going on during that time. It’s because she usually doesn’t engage with all of the stupid, petty people who work there. Kayla eventually did learn about the site after I left, and made comments on a facebook post that was negatively discussing Kayla said that the site made her feel “aggro” and that “Lucky shes using code names so tht bitch dont get sued.” Kayla commented that she wants to know if any of the Shakers people end up on the site.

This one goes out to the skunks.

Shakers Studies: DJ Steve Loe

In the time of chimpanzees he was a monkey, butane in his veins so he's out to cut the junkie, with the plastic eyeballs, spray pain the vegetables, dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose. Kill the headlights and put it in neutral, stock car flamin' with a loser in the cruise control. Baby's in Reno with the vitamin D, got a couple of couches, sleep on the love seat. Someone keeps sayin' he's insane to complain about a shotgun wedding and a stain on his shirt. Don't believe everything that you read, you get a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve, so shave your face with some mace in the dark, savin' all your food stamps and burnin' down the trailer park.


Cut it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, next up on Shakers Studies I'd like to present to you.... STEVEN MICHAEL LOE, douchebag DJ extraordinaire, let's give him a hand! Living his best life as a strip club DJ, Loe is clinically obese, in his late forties, resides in a Nebraska trailer park, and is a recovering alcoholic!

Low Loe Cropped.jpg

DJ Steve Loe's voice sounds like a cross between Tom Hanks in Cast Away and a whiny Neal Young song. He gets to dominate the club through his microphone. Loe is the mad hatter in the wonderland of Shakers, and he wants an Alice to drink tea with and humor his insanity. He has come up in a few Shakers Studies posts already. Loe, like many DJs with nothing else going for them, likes to be a puppeteer in a strip club theater, pulling strings and queuing laugh tracks. Loe may be big and violent, offing strippers one by one like King Henry VIII did to wives, but on the inside Loe is a very small person.


In strip clubs when DJs want to fuck with a particular dancer, there is a standard protocol that they follow. Long ago, I dubbed this a Song War. A Song War is where a DJ will select songs based on the things that a target may be wearing, saying or doing. For example, a dancer might be wearing the color yellow, so a DJ will put on songs with the word yellow in the lyrics. If a dancer's name is Sunshine, a DJ may put on songs with the word “sunshine” in the lyrics. If a DJ is trying to get a dancer to think that he likes her, he may play love songs with lyrics that may relate to what she looks like. If a dancer then asks if the songs are being played for her, DJs may try to make the dancer think she is crazy, by denying any intention of playing those songs on purpose. Eventually the dancer will become so obsessed with listening to and analyzing song lyrics, that she will find meanings in songs that aren't there, in completely arbitrary songs that have nothing to do with her. At this point, a DJ may play songs like “Somebody's Watching Me” by Rockwell, or “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger, in an effort to try to drive her off the edge. I have witnessed this many times in many strip clubs all over the country. The DJ snickers away in his booth, in his sad little life, at the torment that he inflicted on a young woman half his age. That is what DJs like Steve Loe are into-- frantically googling song lyrics with one hand, dick in the other hand, thinking— “Yeah, this song’ll really get her!” Most of these fucking yokels can't play any musical instruments themselves.

I noticed that Loe did Song Wars as soon as I started working at Shakers. Unlike other DJs who do Song Wars, Loe would say things into the microphone like, “Subliminal songs” really fast, and make other remarks about putting subliminal messages in his song selections, as though he thought he was being sneaky or original. He wasn't, of course. Song Wars breathe life into the otherwise miserable waking hours of DJs like Loe. When Loe first started directing annoying songs toward me, it was as though he thought I would be freaked out by it, as though he was unaware that I have experienced a Song War before. He found the online photo of me holding one of my rabbits, so he started playing songs about rabbits. He began playing songs about going “crazy,” and songs about lawsuits. He would spend lots of time staring me down through the many mirrors at Shakers. I don’t know if I have ever encountered a male coworker more obsessed with bothering me in my life. The best thing for a dancer to do in a Song War is to ignore the sad ugly dweeb in the booth who is starving for your attention. Steve was genuinely confused that I wouldn't give his Song Wars attention. I didn't flinch when he started it, because by that time I had nerves of steel when it came to ignoring DJs, as that was not my first rodeo.

My first glimpse of Steve Loe was of his long, thin, oily, dirty-blonde pony tail. The back of his head is balding. He would later see me braiding my hair and inform me that he tried to do that before, but couldn't. Loe towers over most people and has piercing Nordic blue eyes. He has a weak chin and a tiny mouth, so he grows facial hair decoration to hide it.


From afar, he looked a lot like Joel Wheelock. From the way that he walked, I knew he was the DJ before anyone told me. Loe introduced himself to me and told me that I would get along with him. He insisted it, as though he has suffered in the schisms of strip club DJ and stripper rivalry. To me this was a signal that Loe is a really terrible person who needs to notify people ahead of time to not be fearful of him, because he has had so many negative experiences. If a DJ is truly decent and gets along with the dancers, he doesn't need to stop them as soon as possible and notify them that he is a good person. But, I told him that I didn’t think he was a douche, in order to get him to leave me alone. For all of the sweetness and charm that the club had at times, Loe was like a big fat worm munching his way through the apple that is Shakers, rotting everything with his volcanic anger. Loe was a big fat elephant on the microphone, omnipresent in every room of the club, through the speaker system.

I don't know how Dan Robinson enforced club rules prior to getting sued, but I worked at Shakers after he lost the lawsuit. What I experienced was a heavy dependence on Steve Loe to enforce the rules that broke labor laws. For example, I wrote this article without naming him, while working at Shakers. Loe is the DJ who tried to bully me into not reading. He told dancers rules that Dan and Dillon didn't want to say, for fear of being sued. At times, he told me to talk to customers who had no intention of giving me money, including regulars who had previously assaulted me. Loe is also a bouncer at the club, although I never saw him kick out and predators who had sexually assaulted women or took photographs. While his songs were playing, he would walk around and tell dancers certain rules. It is a lot easier for strip clubs to win lawsuits if they can blame the DJ for enforcing rules. Clubs can just say that the DJ is not a manager and that his commands were mere “suggestions.” Loe does the dirty work, as is standard in a lot of clubs that try to weasel around labor laws. It is unlikely that any of Loe's behavior was substantial enough for me to sue the club, even as it walked a fine line, and was at times abusive on a personal level.

Loe makes statements over his microphone about a disdain for “negative people.” He makes public proclamations about being a fan of peace and love, and is an enthusiast of Rastafarian culture. Like many people who proclaim to be dedicated to Peace, Loe spends his time making the lives of vulnerable people hellish, harassing labor activists, paling around with customers who sexually assault dancers, and protecting exploitative business owners like Dan Robinson. His behavior is similar to the way that crazy Christians get excited about their church, but then secretly abuse vulnerable people who they have access to within their organizations. What's important for dancers to remember is that might doesn't equal right. Loe is a company man, who uses his physical intimidation and harassment to get rid of whoever the club wants gone, or to do things that he wants them to do. When he thought I was seizure-prone, he flashed strobe lights in my eyes. Somehow he found out where I was staying in the Lincoln area, so he would make comments about that over the microphone too. While in Nebraska, I was donating and visiting a local women's support network. They know all about Steve Loe, the strip club DJ who harasses women. If you are reading this and have experienced Steve's abuse, feel free to privately contact me and I will direct you to services that can empathize with you. For most of my time at Shakers, Loe was focused on getting me to crack psychologically, so Dan Robinson would have a reason to get rid of me. He did not succeed on his own.

At times, Loe has a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to interacting with women. As a result of that, as is the case in most strip clubs, there are dancers who are loyal to the club or who are otherwise angry/envious/insane. People like that do not like people like me working in their clubs. When Steve recognized this type of advantage, he used it to harm me and my livelihood.

I was posting The Seville Series while I was working at Shakers. Thin-skinned Steve was freaking out about it, talking loudly regarding my posts and comparing himself to the individuals who I posted about from Seville. He and a couple of other dancers orchestrated a pincer effect, with both he and they coming at me from different angles. He spent time shouting things about me over the microphone, playing music to motivate violence, and encouraging people to harass me. He would bounce up and down and rock back and forth in his seat, giggling and making deep, warlock cackles into the microphone. He would state, over the microphone, that bothering me makes him feel like he is “high.” He would scream into the microphone about how he loved to “push buttons” and then play songs about “pushing buttons.” As a recovering alcoholic, Steve has participated in therapeutic support programs. However, during the time I was working there and he was harassing me, he stated over the microphone that bothering me was his “therapy.” Steve would state over the microphone that I was past my prime because I was in my 30's. He read on The Seville Series that some of the Seville workers were bothering me about their perception that I needed to work out more, so Loe started saying the same types of things over the microphone. It was strange to be fat-shamed by an obese man when I am healthy and fit. I said I wanted him to stop doing those kinds of things, but he just gas lit. He is a weakling, a flimsy person, barely floating above survival and sobriety. It was no surprise to find someone like this in a nowheresville Nebraska strip club, but still traumatizing when experiencing it. I didn’t deserve it.

I wrote a letter to Dan Robinson near the end of my time at Shakers, describing some of Loe's abuse and asking that it stop. Dan denied everything in a response letter that he gave to me. When Dan delivered this letter to me, Dillon smirked and swiveled about, following Dan every which way like an abandoned puppy. I don't know if he was supposed to be acting like a witness or what the fuck.

Loe never stopped harassing me, even until my very last night at Shakers, attempting to get under my skin with his demented blood lust. I intentionally avoided him and his stupid songs. As stated, his type of abuse and harassment did not necessarily pertain to labor laws, so I chose not to sue Shakers. While I did have the option to report him to police, I chose not to do that, because I dislike police and didn't think it would do any good. If I stayed at Shakers, he probably would have motivated someone to kill me. His frenzied emotional state was beyond bizarre.

A Norwegian-American from North Dakota, Loe is the offspring of a Vietnam vet, who had PTSD. Loe has a daughter with mental disorders and suicidal tendencies. Her name is Madison. She is a stripper, though not at Shakers. DJ Steve wasn't able to be a sober parent for most of her life. She has stated on facebook that she suffers from “abandonment issues.” That might stem from Loe's multiple DWI arrests over the past few decades and his struggles with functioning as an adult. Not only does Loe try to destroy the lives of dancers, but he is also selfish enough to drive drunk, get multiple DWI charges and potentially murder innocent people on the roads.

The following entries on Shakers Studies will examine the dancers with whom Loe and the Robinson family shared a mutual disdain for me. As a final bit of advice on Loe, for future dancers who may experience his harassment or intimidation— just imagine Loe stumbling, bending over, spreading his butt cheeks apart for jail police after his drunk driving arrests, putting on his jump suit and crying himself to sleep on a cement slab while his wife and daughter went hungry. That is who he is. When Loe is doing everything in his meager power to break you open and cause harm, just think about that blowhard in those moments.

Shakers Studies: DillWeed666

DillWeed666 is a handlebar that Shakers manager Dillon Maynard made in is younger days. His accounts with this handlebar were mostly deleted from the internet, coincidentally around the time that Dillon became acquainted with Luckily I was able to save this photo of DillWeed666 before it disappeared:


Dillon's voice sounds exactly like James Hetfield's from Metallica. He usually speaks in monotone. Occasionally, his words come out Southern. When I first went to Shakers, it was Dillon who had me sign the first lease agreement. He's come up in a few Shakers Studies posts already. Dillon is a balding twenty-something who is the main manager at Shakers. Even Dan Robinson's kids aren't as in charge around that place as Dillon is. He is mild-mannered and attached to the Robinson family as though they are his own family. He gives off an orphan vibe and lacks a certain confidence, as though he was neglected early on. Dillon spends most of his waking hours working at Shakers and has spent his birthday and vacations with the Robinsons.

Dillon doesn't get excited a lot. When he does, such as when he is watching a sportsball game, he walks with a bounce in his step and moves about like a jumping bean. At times there is a goonish white boy swagger to him, like if a hip hop song comes on that he enjoys. Dillon's musical tastes aren't limited to just one genre; he also likes Nickleback and The Black Keys.

Dillon has roots in the American Southeast and has slightly inbred facial features. Researching Dillon’s genealogy on is on my long-term to-do list, to see where he and I link up. I just had this instinctual feeling while working at Shakers that we are distant cousins. I would be willing to put money on it being in the 6th-14th range.


I dislike Dillon because he is a complicit participant in the misclassification and violence in Shakers. In the beginning, he did a good job of reciting everything he was supposed to recite. He probably had a lot of training and instruction from Dan Robinson and/or Dan Robinson’s attorney. Dillon doesn’t actually care about labor rights though. Last year after I made the post about a Seville manager talking quietly and nodding his head to avoid being audio recorded, Dillon started doing it. Last year after I told the harassing DJ Steven Loe that I didn’t want to go on stage and knew my rights, Dillon avoided me for the rest of the night. It is better for managers to avoid dancers who assert their rights, so they can pretend like they don’t know anything in case the club gets sued later. Fortunately I was assertive enough with Dillon to trap him and clearly record myself speaking with him about my rights and clearly record him acknowledging that he knew what happened. He was reluctant to participate in that conversation, but because he is a passive turd, I got him to anyway. I never saw Dillon throw out a customer for taking pictures or putting their hands on dancers, so I really hate him for allowing predators to feel comfortable. During my last handful of shifts, he would ask me why I was working there at all or suggest that I not work there, in an attempt to get me to leave. Dillon was aware that my vehicle and my body were being threatened with vandalism, violence and death. He didn't care enough to do anything about it. He mocked me by talking about “rights” and said that I should call the cops if it was so bad. Dillon knows that I wouldn't call the cops, and he kind of just stood around while his friends did horrible things. He’s just kind of this apathetic lump of poo floating along in the river of life, doing his job and loving the Robinsons. Complicit people and apathy have always been historically important for maintaining oppressive systems.

Dillon’s eyelids are often half-closed. Whenever we were outside together and a train was going by, he would gaze out at it in the darkness of the night until it rushed away. Dillon is a submissive worker and never sexually harassed any of the dancers that I was aware of. His romantic history with full figured women suggests that he is a chubby chaser. Last year after I left Shakers, his most recent girlfriend sent me a facebook friend request. When I asked her why, she said it was an accident. When I asked her why she was looking at my page, she did not answer me. Dillon blocked me after that, even though I never messaged him about it.


Shakers Studies: Dan Robinson

Dan Robinson is the patriarch of a petite bourgeois family in Eastern Nebraska. He didn't want to have a boss, so he decided to be self-employed. Some self-employed men own gas stations. Some sell insurance. Some make apps. Dan Robinson was compelled to open a strip club, where he could treat dancers as though they are employees, but lie to them by telling them that they are independent contractors or lease holders. That way, he didn't have to give them benefits, a basic wage, pay taxes on them or be held responsible for employee liabilities, such as title VII violations. He still needed to keep his club running and attractive to patrons, so he enforced a bunch of rules that he knew aren't supposed to exist for non-employees-- such as making dancers show their genitals to people, participate in a stage rotation and charge certain amounts of money for their lap dances.

Dan ShakersCropped.jpg

After Dan lost a misclassification lawsuit, he took a bunch of rules away. He kept some of them and just had other people enforce them, such as the DJ. He needs to have his bully DJ friend, Steven Loe, enforce the rules, to make it seem like he had nothing to do with it himself. That way, he can deny anything in court if he gets sued later. He mostly gets away with it, because strippers are usually stupid, vulnerable and cannibalistic. Sometimes a smart brave one comes along to sue the club or pass out Know Your Rights fliers, but it's still been pretty easy for Dan to get away with exploiting women workers. He didn’t enforce the same rules on me, because he found out about my notoriety and didn’t want me to sue him. Then, he decided to just switch over to employee status, but do it in a way that would make me look really bad so that gullible dumbass strippers would get mad.

In September 2017, somebody named Jen Roth left an internet review of Shakers that states:

“Management is trash. Pure trash. This place is a joke. The owner never pays up and/or is always drunk and playing grab ass.”

I never encountered Dan drunk or violating people’s physical boundaries, but if you are Jen Roth or have encountered that behavior, please contact me through the tab at the top of this page. I’d like to know more about that comment.

Dan tried to open a second Shakers in Central Nebraska a few years ago, but that business venture failed.

On one of my last nights at Shakers, a young woman named Ashley Dawn came in to work. I had never met her before, but I was telling her how Dan Robinson lost a lawsuit earlier that year and recently decided to switch over to employee status recognition since I came along. It was a frenzied night when Ashley was in, because many dancers knew about my website at that point and were using violent tactics to try to scare me away, such as ramming an arm into my throat and discussing the shooting of guns. Ashley Dawn told me that some of the dancers who had remained at the club despite the suit “love their owner” very much and didn't want the club to change. She informed me that she had worked at Shakers sporadically over the course of about a decade. What has stuck with me throughout this past year is fact that Ashley Dawn referred to Dan as the “owner” of strippers, who they love. It reminded me of slaves who loved their owners and stayed with the families after emancipation. Dan Robinson has cultivated a quaint little stable of loyal sex workers for himself, who are willing to throw down for him if need be. That night with Ashley Dawn, and some of my remaining shifts in late December 2017, were like that scene in Twister with Helen Hunt, when she tied herself to metal piping in the middle of a tornado as it lifted her body into the air and rapidly spun all around her. Dan knew about all of the physical danger that I was in at Shakers, but just didn't do anything about it. He didn't like it very much that I was asserting my rights so strongly at that point and passing out Know Your Rights fliers.


Dan Robinson does this shtick where he pretends to be a person who cares a lot about social justice and progressive change. Central to his shtick is an obsession with hating Donald Trump and being a Democrat. His facebook has a lot of cartoon memes and news articles about his hatred of Donald Trump. It is similar to the way so many liberals loved to hate George Bush for eight years but didn't care about Barack Obama's drone war. One would think that a man like Dan, who enjoys violating so many labor rights, would be in favor of Donald Trump as president, who recently made it pretty much illegal to picket union strikes. Trump-hating ShitLibs are often misdirected and confused people, though, so there is no rhyme or reason to what they proclaim to be their guidelines. Dan is an outspoken advocate of animal welfare if it is pertaining to dogs, but he enjoys eating meat and exploiting a lot of other species. Dan implemented a recycling system in Shakers, for all of the plastic cups and disposable items that he sells. Dan made it a rule that Shakers podium staff have to watch TV or look away instead of staring at the dancers (which is awesome), but Dan is a-OK with allowing the DJ to harass dancers over the microphone whenever he wants to. Dan doesn’t express opposition to America’s imperialistic involvement in Occupied Palestine, and from the looks of his facebook friends list, probably never will.

When I came to work at Shakers in the Summer of 2017, I inherited the fruits of Elizabeth Mays and Kathleen Neary's labor. I have thanked them for it multiple times, and here I will again: Thank you, Kathleen, for being a great attorney. Thank you, Elizabeth, for having the courage to sue Dan Robinson. Thank you for suing this awful man for worker misclassification. I am glad I didn't have to clean the bathroom, be told to “act like a lady,” be directed on when I am allowed to go into the dressing room, or follow any of the other stupid club rules that Dan took away after he lost. I am thankful that I didn't have to follow rules as strictly as past dancers did, and that when he learned about my internet celebrity status, I didn't have to follow any rules at all. It was cool that he entertained the idea of switching to employee status, but ultimately that was just another one of Dan’s schticks. It is unfortunate that Dan appealed the lawsuit and doesn’t have to pay Elizabeth Mays money that is rightly hers, even though he knows that he violated labor rights.

Dan has a speech impediment, as though his tongue is too large to fit inside of his mouth. He struggles with clearly pronouncing words without sounding muffled and lisping. In the beginning of my time at Shakers, Dan and I didn't chat much. He didn't talk to a lot of the dancers aside from his handful of loyal ones who love him. Once the Robinsons discovered who I am, he just kind of spent time wearily watching me from afar and instructing his staff to give me monologues about how I am free to do what I want. After a while, he began talking to me ALL THE TIME, as though he wanted to be pals.


It was really annoying, so I pretended to be really into sports. During slow times when I wasn’t reading or doing math, I kept my eyes on the big screen TV, while basketball or football were on. I gained the reputation around Shakers of being a real sports nut. A little secret about me that I kept from the Robinsons is that I FUCKIN HATE SPORTS. I do not understand anything about sportsball and don’t ever want to. The points, teams, moves and strategies of the games were not something that I paid attention to at all. I was just pretending to be really into the games. I just stared at the pixels on the screen and zoned out into a zen meditation, hoping nobody brought up something about the game that I would have to converse about, because then my secret would be discovered. It was a great way to avoid talking to Dan Robinson, but sometimes he still got me to chat. I adopted a German Shepherd while I was in Nebraska, so a lot of our conversation revolved around my German Shepherd, shelter animals and related subjects.


During my last couple of weeks working at Shakers, after I decided to assert my rights and not go on stage, Dan Robinson returned to not talking to me at all. Dillon Maynard said to me, “He's got nothing to say to you” in a very hostile tone. Dan would still nod his head and make facial expressions if he was standing next to me talking to Dillon, but he didn’t make any noises that my audio recorder could pick up. Around this time, I thought it would be funny to bring in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and just lounge around reading it in front of him. This little act of resistance was mildly antagonistic to Shakers, but nothing to what I experienced in terms of physical assault, threats and intimidation from their allies.

Despite my problems with the Robinsons, I still want them to stay in business. Conservative Republicans and Christians in the state of Nebraska are currently trying to shut down the few clubs that exist. Before last week’s midterms, conservatives released a commercial with a talking fat silohette, who claims to have worked in the clubs. She describes behaviors and practices in the clubs that are labor violations, but does not use the term “labor violations” or discuss labor rights whatsoever. The goal of the commercial is to restrict club operations. Depriving strippers of their income is no way to reform or encourage their labor rights. Not surprisingly, Republican candidates won big in the state of Nebraska last week. Because of all of this, I cannot help but think that people like Dan Robinson and I are on the same team sometimes. That makes me cringe a little bit. For me, strip clubs are a trap door away from the rest of society, a wind fall, a resting point, an escape. I know they will always be there for me if times get rough. For that, I am appreciative of proprietors who open and operate them. I was googling the Robinsons while I worked at Shakers, and saw that Dan was participating in Waverly community government meetings. His name was on their minutes records. While working there, I often wondered how Shakers stayed in business without being shut down. It makes me wonder how much time he has spent having to communicate with local conservatives who try to crush the business. In activism, there is the phrase that says you have no real friends and no real enemies. Sometimes I feel that way about the Robinsons.

Shakers Studies: Here's to You, Tyler Robinson

Dreamy, isn’t he? Regard the saintly tilted eyebrows. I called him Ty. If you look closely at this pic, you can see he is wearing a stylish pair of American flag shorts.


Tyler is Dan Robinson’s youngest heir to the Shakers throne, and most aesthetically gifted in the genetics department. With dimples and bone structure like that, Tyler needn’t hide his face with hair. He’s about six feet tall. I think there are other Robinson siblings besides Dustin and Tyler, but they were the two who worked at Shakers while I was there. I always thought Tyler looked like Draco Malfoy, but his demeanor was the complete opposite of Malfoy’s. It makes me sad that someone as sweet and darling as Tyler is associated with all of the horrible fucking people from Shakers. He turned 21 around the time that I was there. I hope he breaks away from that place and does wonderful things with his life, but I’m not sure if he will.


When I first started working at Shakers, he kind of just stood in the cash register area, observing the other staff work, occasionally helping out. He smiled a lot, bashfully, as though he hadn’t a lot of experience seeing naked women. He did managerial tasks on slower nights, such as coming upstairs to the dressing room while I was disrobed, to have me sign a new contract. He did not make me feel uncomfortable or sexually harass dancers in any way that I was aware.

There are so many workplace supervisors in the world who will sexually harass their female subservients through sexual innuendo and euphamism, body shaming, obsessively staring at their body parts and discussing them with other men in the workplace, hitting on temps. There are angry little men with Napoleon syndrome and tiny hands in the world, who blame their life problems on Affirmative Action and welfare recipients. The world has supervisors like that in the world, for sure. Tyler was the opposite of that kind of a supervisor.

I genuinely enjoyed working with Tyler and never wanted him to think that he would end up on the site with a bad post. Near the end of my time at Shakers when the staff was trying to strategize on how to get rid of me, Tyler stopped pleasantly saying hello. It was a real bummer, but even then he still couldn’t help but be kind.

If any of my readers are willing, I’d like to know who the mother of these Robinsons are. I’ve looked online and cannot find anything. Dan Robinson is single, and occasionally posts memes on his facebook about how his ex dislikes him. Who is this woman who gave her offspring cutesy 90’s pop names like Dustin and Tyler? I hope Tyler strays from the family business and doesn’t become hardened and mean like Michael Corleone did in The Godfather.

Shakers Studies: Joyce Schuster and Dustin Robinson

Joyce Schuster is in a long-term romantic relationship with Dustin Robinson, who is the son of Shakers owner Dan Robinson. They did a lot of paperwork and cashier stuff at Shakers while I worked there. Joyce used to dance at Shakers, where Dan had the opportunity to see her strip. That has to be a strange subject at family gatherings. If any of my readers have knowledge of that subject ever coming up at Robinson family gatherings, please let me know through the contact tab at the top of this page.


Joyce Schuster was the first person at Shakers to tip me off that my website had been discovered. Before the monologues, DJ harassment or dancer gossip had ever started, Joyce displayed certain facial expressions and body language that people do after they've googled me. She didn't have to say anything; I just knew. It was only a couple of weeks into working at Shakers, and I was surprised that I had been discovered so quickly.

Joyce told me that she stopped dancing at Shakers when the rule was removed about customers touching dancers. I informed her that I usually didn't allow customers to touch me, and that it is still possible to operate like that in the club. Joyce told me that she didn't like having to argue about it with customers, who would bring up the other dancers who did allow them to touch. Sometimes I’d punch dudes for trying to touch me, and the Robinsons were fine with it. Shakers never made me give customers a refund if they left the VIP room early.

Joyce and Dustin were somewhat normal people in this strange and skeezy environment. In a lot of clubs I have worked, the owner will have a slimy son with some plastic surgery addict girlfriend tagging along to party with him. Joyce and Bearded Dustin were humble and modest. They appeared to be a young and kindly liberal couple one might see shopping at a co-op. Joyce and Dustin both expressed liberal opinions about things like immigrant rights, politics and animal welfare. Sometimes, I felt ambivalent about them. Sometimes, their auras felt good to be around.

Dustin's facebook has some posts over the years that are offensive to women. He slut shames, as well as expresses certain ideas that are consistent with the ideas of Men's Rights Activists. Dustin's beard is cool looking, but underneath it all, he is the weak-chinned son of a strip club owner. Joyce is probably the best he can get. Mutual to that, Joyce probably couldn't do much better than someone like Dustin.

Weak Chin.jpg

Joyce and Dustin saw the frenzied nutcase dancers harassing me, heard the kooky DJ attempting to break me down, knew about drunk Rick. They were there with Shakers through the lawsuit of Elizabeth Mays. They know that Dan Robinson breaks, or borderline breaks, labor laws and manipulated dancers with his temporary switch to a type of employment that would be undesirable. When I began explaining worker rights to new dancers after they asked me why I wasn't going on stage, Joyce looked worried and told the Robinsons about it while pointing at me. As with many ShitLibs in many situations around the world, I just don't understand the hypocrisy.

Shakers Studies: Devon

Do any of my readers have the surname of a Shakers staff member who went by Devon? He was the very skinny young man who served soft drinks and expressed sentiments of disgust whenever rambunctious customers were degrading the dancers. I didn’t like it when Devon watched me on stage, because I knew he was judgmental about dancers.

Sometimes Devon complained about feeling tired, because of his multiple wage slave jobs that were draining him of energy.

When it came out that I am a labor activist who has sued some strip clubs, Devon became even more rude to me than he was before. One night I almost missed my house fee and thought I would be terminated. Devon said “Haha” during a conversation between Dillon and I. It struck me as strange that a scrawny, fatigued victim of capitalist greed like Devon would not be in favor of my type of activism, but then again, what’s the matter with Kansas?

What’s the matter with Devon in Nebraska? Will someone please send me his surname so I can research him on Google? I know almost nothing about him, other than his strange face that is shaped like male genitalia.

Shakers Studies: Creepy Customers

I wish I had all of their names to post on the site, but unfortunately I don’t. I must resort to including them all, mostly nameless, in one post. If you have any of their names, please contact me through the contact tab at the top of this page.

I’ve made a previous post in response to a Nebraska political figure who was running on the platform that clubs like Shakers are sources of “trafficking” that need to be more regulated. While I wouldn’t describe what goes on at Shakers as “trafficking,” the club is undeniably a brothel.

In so many instances, I heard and saw brothel activities at Shakers. While I didn’t participate in full service myself, which often angered the customer base, it is my firm believe that the full service sex workers who provide for clients in Shakers are the reason it stays in business, despite the club’s lack of advertising. Sometimes at the beginning of my shifts when I would watch customers bumble into the club from their farms or factories or wherever else in the rural breadbasket of America’s underbelly, it reminded me of watching an episode of “To Catch a Predator” with Chris Hansen.

In the wasteland of grotesqueries that was the Shakers client base, one geriatric, hefty man named Gary really stands out to me. Gary was the type of customer mainstream America was afraid of, the type of customer one might see in a John Waters film or Texas Chainsaw massacre. His face looked like it was melting off, or like he had skinned another person’s face and was wearing it as a loose mask over his own face. His eyeballs drooped like a frying egg yolk in the hot sun. He sat in his truck in the parking lot long before Shakers opened in the evening, and often had baked goods that he prepared for everybody. Some of his recipes included cream cheese pinwheels and pork bread. One time I asked him if he ever ejaculated into the batter. He wouldn’t answer a yes or no, and instead just laughed. Gary would sit on the stools in front of the stage and tip one dollar per dancer, per set. However, because I usually did not get fully nude, Gary would often withhold a dollar from me. He would inform me that he was punishing me for not getting fully nude, and complain about it to the DJ. Sometimes if I was getting a lot of money from other customers and got fully nude for them, Gary would hold a dollar up after I got off stage and wave it around, in an attempt to get me to walk over to him. He wanted to reward me with one dollar, for getting fully nude. I usually did whatever I could to avoid him seeing me. He didn’t want to get up off of his stool to hand me the dollar, so he would just make high-pitched noises, like one might make to a small mammal in order to make it come over. I didn’t go by him though, because I didn’t care about his stank dollar. This made him more angry and confused, which caused him to complain more. Gary’s favorite dancer was a trollish little recovering addict named Sash, who wore a diaper and dressed as a toddler. She would often sit on his lap and receive massages from him, while staring defiantly at me, as though she had one over on me for doing that.

Gary would sometimes bring his relatives into the club, several of whom worked at the Hormel pork factory. Some of Gary’s relatives get by in life by stabbing and murdering pigs for a living. They would share tales of things like neck stabbing rates per day, or pigs escaping from where they were delivered in the factory, and group efforts to try to find them hiding in other departments of the factory. One of Gary’s pig murdering relatives, with a name that escapes me, had a problem with me reading in the club and doing mathematics. Although he didn’t spend money, he didn’t like it that I wasn’t acknowledging his presence while he was in the club, so he would ask me if I was in school, or do dumb impressions of me reading, like an old fashioned schoolyard bully. He was a dumb guy with nothing going for him, so it confused him why someone would want to read a book or learn.

Because Shakers was paranoid that I was going to sue them, the owner and DJ used to have their friends come to the club and pretend to be normal customers. The DJ would have various perverts and biker friends of his ask me questions about my job and my thoughts on him. Because I am not stupid, have been in the industry for a long time and understand human behavior, it wasn’t really a secret to me that they were attempting to be clandestine spies. One man who stands out was named Rick. He owned a roofing company and employed scabs to do his manual labor. Rick would get drunk before coming to Shakers and quote my blog to me while we were talking, but then not admit to knowing anything. When things became really tense at Shakers near the end, he threatened to spray battery acid in my face mafia-style, in order to get rid of me.

A tisket, a tasket— a basket of deplorables. Even when the club was slow, it was pretty easy for me to make money off of other people in this basket of deplorables, because they were not used to speaking with articulate dancers who were willing to talk dirty. Being in Waverly was like going in a time machine to like 1940, and whoa Nellie, did they get excited easily. There’s not much else going on out there for them. Unfortunately for dumb people in Nebraska, many of them were unable to discern the difference between talking dirty and being an actual prostitute. That made a lot of people really pissed off. While I am really good at fighting men and asserting myself, I do sometimes wonder what the less assertive, younger, newer dancers did when they started at Shakers, surrounded by so many prostitutes and dedicated customers. Most of the VIP rooms don’t have cameras.

The National Sexual Assault Hotline for RAINN is 1-800-656-4673.

Shakers Studies: The Stinky State

When I went into Shakers to ask for an audition, manager Dillon Maynard informed me that dancers do not have to audition. I simply had to show my ID and fill out some paperwork. No prior work experience was necessary to dance at Shakers, which is important to note, because it is a factor that is in favor of the argument that dancers are employees.

Shakers manager Dillon Maynard very clearly explained to all new hires that they are lease holders. Contracts were freely distributed to anyone who asked. Because Shakers wanted to treat dancers as lease holders, they had rental slots for every night, which were filled on a first come, first serve basis. I was almost always the first dancer to come to Shakers on shifts that I worked, so I was never turned down to work. Sometimes I worked for a couple of hours before leaving, and they didn’t care. I don’t know that I ever worked a full shift while there. Sometimes if all of the slots were filled for the night and a dancer came in later, she was told to leave. Shakers made exceptions for a long-time dancer of theirs named Karma. During my time at Shakers, I recall two dancers who were angry that Karma got to come in even though all of the slots were filled, while they were turned away. Other than that incident, Shakers complied with their slot rental space system that was supposed to be a first come, first serve basis with no exceptions.

One thing that made Shakers stand out to me, is that the interiors were extremely cute and well maintained. There were black and white photos on the walls of people like Johnny Cash, which added to the club’s quaint, Americana hipster vibe. There is handcrafted masonry work in a few different parts of the club, sculptures of naked people, clean facilities and soft pink lighting. These things make a difference. Sometimes in clubs that allow dancers more freedoms, there tends to be disgusting interiors and unpleasant spaces with regards to things like sanitation, plumbing, masonry, lighting, flooring and carpentry. Shakers wasn’t like that.

Once in a while, I got sexually harassed by a customer or had my photo taken while I was on stage. Shakers was cool with me doing things like jumping off of the stage completely naked and picking a fight with customers who had violated my boundaries. Rather than being told that I had to rely on the employed staff of Shakers to tend to such issues, I was able to act as my own bouncer, in a way that a non-employee is able to do. I considered it an aspect of hiring my own helpers, or helping myself, that was part of my self-employment.

There are other economic realities tests that are more detailed than the seven-factor test that I used for this first portion of Shakers Studies. Google is a great resource for finding and determining all of the factors. With my experience suing strip clubs, though, I knew that suing Shakers probably would not have worked out for me. Labor lawyers agreed with me, including attorney Kathleen Neary, who beat Shakers earlier that year. Other lawyers suggested that while they would consider taking clients who danced at Shakers and didn't know their rights, my distribution of Know Your Rights fliers and the monologues that Shakers staff delivered to me were demonstrating that Shakers allowed me to assert my rights.

Shakers had no stupid t-shirt sales, no hourly gathering where all of the dancers are required to walk across stage, no mandatory minimum amount of hours worked, no requirement to do anything specific on stage, no dress code, no pressure to sell bottles of booze. For all intents and purposes, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted there. But, just because Shakers complied with labor laws for me doesn’t mean that they complied with them for everybody. In fact, they probably would not be in business if all of the dancers knew their rights and exercised them like I did. That is probably another reason why they made the temporary switch to employee status.

As stated that in the beginning of this series, Shakers will always be gambling when they refuse to categorize dancers as employees, but run the operation and invest in their building. Their temporary decision to change over to employee status is fascinating to me, because it demonstrated what is possible with persistence.

Just because Shakers didn’t want to get sued again and let me do whatever I wanted, doesn’t mean they don’t still suck. There was a good handful of horrible people who made it damn near impossible for me to make a living there, and they are to be outed on They are to be dissected, described and never forgotten so long as the internet exists. If there’s one rule in life that I follow, it is to fear stupid people in numbers. When they get together, they can make the Earth shake.

When I was a child, I described Nebraska as “the stinky state.” It was an eight-hour gap of feces-and-urine-filled air, during road trips from Chicagoland to Colorado every Summer. It was a place to plug one’s nose. Nebraska is a vast emptiness that separates beautiful places from one another, but with it’s grotesque stench and quiet nothingness, there is beauty in the absurd. So, let’s unplug our noses, unroll the windows and take a whiff, as we barrel along the highway, into the second portion of Shakers Studies.


Shakers Studies: FLSA Factor #7

The seventh factor in determining whether a worker is an employee, under the fair labor standards act, is described as:

“The degree of independent business organization and operation.”

I was able to organize and operate my business in any way that I wanted to at Shakers, without owners or management telling me otherwise. While they eventually encouraged other dancers to harass me, and could have possibly caused a constructive discharge case, this factor is arguably still in Shakers favor. I didn’t feel like putting forth the effort to argue otherwise.

As you can see, factors 5, 6 and 7 are vague and can overlap. For other clubs I have sued or am suing, the argument can be made that the constant badgering from staff and owners, about what to do and when, indicates that a dancer is unable to operate and organize her own business.

The next post will wrap up the factors portion of Shakers Studies, discuss the factors I didn’t mention in this small list of seven, and segue into the personality profiles of the people who I encountered while working there.