Sean Goettsche Quits King of Diamonds!

I received news from an anonymous tipster that Sean Goettsche quit King of Diamonds after my letter was sent to Jason Scott. Most of the dancers at King of Diamonds are unaware of what was going on, and were told that Sean quit "because of something going on with the club that the girls don't know about."

Sean was one of the managers while I worked there. He testified against me in court. He was a beta male and very emotional. Sean, you just got mixed up with the wrong crowd! If you're reading-- you did the right thing by quitting! I wonder how much money King of Diamonds will spend to train a new manager.

Next I want Sean Goettsche to contact me so I can interview him. I also want Sean to provide statements for future lawsuits against King of Diamonds, to protect dancers far beyond the realm of being a bouncer/manager and to continue to work toward liberation. Sean also needs to stop referring to grown women as "girls." He did that in the workplace and in the court room. Sean Goettsche, I am a woman-- a woman who got all of her money back from King of Diamonds and then inspired you to quit your stable and comfortable job.