Overseeing Agency

With a nationwide flood of lawsuits, most strip clubs still choose to misclassify their dancer employees as independent contractors. They would rather risk getting sued than comply with the law all of the time. Misclassifying dancer employees as independent contractors is cheaper for them to do. There is no overseeing government agency that makes correct classification compulsory. There is no state intervention, so the only way for strippers to attain employee status is through lawsuits. Most strip clubs that have been sued still choose to continue with the misclassifation.

Vehicle manufacturers will only recall defects if the amount of death and injury-related lawsuit costs surpass the costs to fix the defect. The cost-benefit of risking a lawsuit is applied in a similar way with strip clubs. An overseeing government agency could fix these problems, but many people mistrust the state and prefer to experience the exploitation of private companies over giving the state more power in any aspect of life.