Till Tap

Recently I had to pay a sheriff over one-thousand dollars so that a team of Dakota county officers could go into King of Diamonds gentlemen's club and get the money they owed to me, in addition to all of the expenses I incurred in the pursuit of my money. I got that one-thousand back during the till tap.

After the judgement was made, I had to order King of Diamonds to tell me where they banked and give me the money they owed to me. They did not comply, or give me anything in the mail at all. I knew the only way to get my money was to do a till tap. To do this, an officer or team of officers goes into the business with the writ of execution. Sometimes they stand stationed at the register for several hours, collecting money from the customers, until the amount owed is met. In the case of King of Diamonds, the manager just got over $5,000 out of the safe and gave it to the officer, to get them out of there as quickly as possible. I was informed that it took less than fifteen minutes.

I was experiencing a moral conundrum about this whole thing, because I spent a lot of my young adult life around people who hate cops and giving them any power whatsoever. There are people in the radical community who would never do a till tap, on principal. But, I also know that the radical community has a voluminous amount of misogynists, hypocrites and exploitative assholes who would never help me or any oppressed stripper with anything in life, ever. I don't have a lot of loyalty to their principals these days, and I really wanted my money that King of Diamonds owed to me.

I advise all pro-union labor activists to be vigilant of all cop-like principals and dogma, and do a till tap when need be. I will be donating most of my judgement to the production of Hima B.'s License to Pimp, which is a film about stripper labor rights.