An Open Letter to Jason Scott

I am mailing the following letter to my former manager tomorrow afternoon:

Jason Scott,

You were my manager at King of Diamonds Gentlemen's Club in Inver Grove Heights during the Summer of 2015, where you enforced rules upon me that legally classified me as an employee, although I was not receiving an hourly wage or notified of any of the benefits that employees legally enjoy. During the four week course of my employment, EMPLOYMENT, at King of Diamonds, you and your staff grew to become increasingly dissatisfied with my behavior and what you described as an “attitude.” While everyone knew that I was an excellent salesperson who typically made more money than all of the other dancers during my work shift, I frequently received negative feedback from customers for not giving them enough free attention. Many of your customers are misogynists who believe that women owe them free attention, without compensating them in the workplace environment. Instead of defending my right to keep to myself if I'm not getting paid, you made attempts to intimidate and bother me, by informing me that I was close to losing my job. When a customer made physical contact with my rear end during a VIP show and his gestures did not show up on your security video, you and Sean Goettsche decided to pal around with the guy and didn't make him pay the money that was rightly mine. That is because you and Sean Goettsche are both exploitative, misogynist assholes. I understand that King of Diamonds is currently owned by a woman who thinks she is a good person, but she is not a good person. Working for King of Diamonds helped me to intimately understand how female club owners are just as capable as men to exploit, use and deny rights to young women who deserve them. These rights were won by people who fought and died for them, and I do not take my rights lightly. I was so insulted when you and the rest of the King of Diamonds staff denied me my rights, but I would not let your verbal degradation and intimidation bring me down.

Fortunately, I won the lawsuit that I brought forth to King of Diamonds-- the one where you, Sean Goettsche and the owner of King of Diamonds testified at against me. It is deeply satisfying and delicious to know that the courts were able to understand how exploitative, manipulative and cruel you and your employer are to young women, and I can only hope that every one of the strippers at King of Diamond follows suit.

After I won the lawsuit, King of Diamonds made no efforts to reply to my mail or requests for the money that was rightly mine. I had to do a till tap, as you know. It was also deeply satisfying to know that whoever was managing, probably you, went and got the full sum of my money out of the safe. It is deeply satisfying to imagine you or one of your equally exploitative coworkers having to do that on a busy night. I hope a lot of dancers saw it happen and that you and the King of Diamonds owners felt embarrassed that it happened. I hope that you had to awkwardly explain to them that you lost a law suit and your arguments got torn to shreds by a stripper who worked at the club for one month, even though you hired a big name attorney to come into small claims court on a cold January morning, where you sat and watched other trials. Do you remember when you told me that I won't see the money from the VIP customer who refused to pay? Isn't it funny that not only did I “see” that money, but I brought you to court to get much more than that VIP money, that I proved your employer is a criminal, and that I won? I think it's great.

I don't know how much feelings you have, Jason Scott, but I just wanted to write you this letter to let you know that you are a bad person who breaks many labor laws and that you exploit vulnerable young women every time you go to work. I hope more strippers sue the club and use my judgment as an example of past abuses within the club, so they have ease in asserting every right that you take from them.

You are garbage.


Brandi Campbell