The Seville Series: Kumara Becker

This is Kumara Becker. She is a bartender and stripper at Seville. Kumara Becker's stage name is Kennedy, but she is not like the historical Kennedy family in appearance or thought.


Kumara has worked at Seville for many years. Soon after meeting new dancers, she is likely to inform them that she has worked at Seville for many years. While most Seville dancers are very young, sometimes strip clubs have a few dancers who have stayed for years. Dancers like Kumara tend to use their longevity as a point of pride, a reason to brag, gloat and dominate other women. While traditional jobs might give a worker a pension, union or healthcare, dancing at a club for a long time doesn't. While traveling strippers have a rich mosaic of life experiences and memories of new places across vast geographic areas, strippers who mostly stay in the same club to brag about their longevity do not have those things. Some strippers stay in the same club during their entire careers, like minerals on a faucet-- hardened, scaly and resistant to change. These individuals are usually snitches and should be avoided at all costs.

I was a subject of Kumara Becker's snitching. One night, I asked her what management would do if I wore ballerina slippers instead of high heels. Kumara angrily stated that we were not at the ballet, so I should wear heels because she thought they looked better. I asked her if management would say anything if I didn't wear heels. She told me that they would tell me to put on some heels.

A few nights later, I wore wedges with ballerina ribbons. Kumara Becker pointed them out to dufus manager Jason Ewing and stated,

“See, I told you!”

Jason stated, “She thinks she's fighting the man.”

I don't avoid wearing heels in order to fight the man. I do it because I don't want to have damaged joints, body aches and herniated discs. Jason didn't say anything to me about my heels that night, but he said to Kumara Becker, “Just say 'I don't recall'.”

I went back and forth between the heels and wedges for a couple of weeks before I was fired, while management discussed my footwear amongst themselves.

There is a longer post about footwear on the site at this link: Footwear

I've always thought that the best place for a stiletto heel is in a man's jugular vein. When I think about Jason and Kumara's concern with my footwear at Seville and the sadness I feel that I didn't win all of my claims against that club, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes by John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."