The Seville Series: Michael Sigmon

This bald man is named Michael Sigmon.


Michael Sigmon is the door man at Seville. He also has a title of manager, though at corporate clubs like Seville, many men have some kind of management title. It is easier to evade legal responsibility when half a dozen or so men are all titled "manager" and only one needs to attend an arbitration without the threat of subpoenas.

Whenever other dancers would tip Michael, he would stare at me very intensely, to try to intimidate me into tipping him. He told me before that he is in the pool of other managers who get tips, but that there are “many mouths to feed” with regards to how much I put into the manager tip pool. He would list the managers working, to describe to me how the manager tips were split up. On nights that he walked me to my car, I took recordings of him telling me that I should tip staff members, such as floor hosts. Michael worked at Seville before Dino Perlman sold it to RCI, and possesses a legally inconsistent idea of how dancers should be treated. RCI didn't do a very good job of educating Michael about stripper labor rights or reprogramming him from the illegal ways that Mr. Perlman ran his business. That's probably not an accident.

Shortly before my termination, Michael came into the club, yelling at me because leaving customers had complained that I was charging $20 a dance on Sundays, while Sunday dances were advertised as $10. Michael was also upset with me because customers had complained that I was charging more money during other parts of the week, when dances were only supposed to be $20. He was so angry with me that he and Erika Grinols had to spend time gossiping about it after the confrontation. Grinols is always up for a good gossip session about the dancers, whose very existence, bodies and labor give her a job and sustenance to live her life.

If dancers are truly independent contractors at Seville, they would be able to charge whatever they want for floor dances, without being harassed by people like Michael. If dancers are employees, they must charge whatever the club wants them to charge. This is a major determining factor in the economic realities test. Seville fails at this factor, but one reason why I lost on this one is because Seville brought in three dancers who suck staff dick, to lie during their testimonies.

Sometimes clubs that have been sued will still advertise a price for dances, but not enforce the rule when a customer complains about a dancer charging more. These clubs do not enforce their advertised price, because they do not wish to be sued again. Michael was not supposed to come inside to yell at me, but he did because he is an ignorant, misogynist heap of shit that Seville does not regulate.

When I brought up Michael's behavior in arbitration, the Seville people asked me what repercussions happened after Michael yelled at me. They asked me if I really got in trouble for what I was doing. This question was their way to weasel out of liability, by claiming that I was not punished. They even smirked when asking me this question. Aside from being yelled at by Michael, there were no immediate repercussions. Of course, being yelled at by one's manager itself is a punishment. When it happened, I was thirty years old and had been in the industry for over a decade, yet I was still intimidated by Michael yelling at me. He is abnormally tall, with a very deep voice. I can only imagine how much scarier he would be to a twenty year old who does not have experience dealing with volatile male coworkers.

By the end of my employment at Seville, I no longer trusted the valets with my vehicle, because I knew that most people at Seville wanted me gone and I didn't know if the valets did too. For this reason, I started parking on the nearby ramp. Seville's policy was to have a bouncer walk dancers to their cars on the ramp. Michael usually did this, but by the end of my employment, he grew to dislike me so much that he wouldn't walk me. I always got a mass murderer vibe from him, like he could flip out at any moment and go postal. Michael has a lot of toxic male anger bubbling beneath his thin veil of genteel etiquette. He would often express discontent with me in particular, so I didn't mind that he stopped walking me to my car and radioed for another manager to do it.

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