The Seville Series: Michelle Glisson

Michelle Glisson is a dancer at Seville who goes by Lita. Michelle Glisson is in her thirties and a long-time Seville employee. I enjoyed working with her because she spoke clearly and didn't behave like she was in a bad music video.


One time she told me about how she drove out to a rabbit breeder in Wisconsin, to purchase a "pet" rabbit. I told her how disgusting it is to not go to a shelter to adopt a rabbit, and how breeders do not have the best interests of rabbits in mind when breeding and selling them. I explained to Michelle Glisson how millions of animals die in shelters each year because of pet overpopulation and careless human beings. Michelle Glisson laughed at me when I explained this to her and for the next few months, told other people about our little interaction. She thought that I was “a PETA person” and laughed at me while I ate steamed edamame from the kitchen. People who purchase animals from breeders are selfish narcissists who don't deserve the honor of knowing rabbits. Unfortunately some of the people who Michelle Glisson told about our interaction were managers, who used dancer's dislike of me as a reason to fire me.

One time, I was sexually assaulted by a customer and told her about it. I asked what would happen with the customer. She told me to just walk away from him. I asked her if a bouncer would throw him out. She said no, they don't do that at Seville. She seemed confused that I would even propose such a question. It is depressing when people don't understand why perpetuators of sexual assault should not be welcome.

Across the nation, strip club staff rely on dancers to be scabs, snitches, collaborators and company-women. They utilize this wedge as a way to remove dissenters who stand up for their rights. Sadly, there is stronger unity in most clubs among staff and their dancer friends than among the dancers themselves. Many women collude with gross old men, even if they are violent and/or emotionally abusive misogynists. This phenomenon happened to stripper rights activists in San Francisco during the nineties, and it happens today, almost everywhere.

A common tactic that abusive strip club staff utilizes when gossiping about dancers with other dancers is calling the victim "negative." For example, an emotionally abusive old man strip club staff might say to one dancer about another, "She's too negative." By using the word "negative," the staff worker is describing a woman who stands up for herself, does not tolerate sexual assault and knows her rights as well as the rights of others. Many strip club staff members have sad lives and are emotionally starved man-children, so all this stuff is hard for them to understand and they resort to impulsive behavior.