The Seville Series: Meet The Neighbors!

The bible instructs readers to love their neighbor, but the bible was written by a neurotic hypocritical desert tribe and I'm a damn proud pagan.

Seville is attached to an Irish pub called O'Donovan's, or O'D's for short. It is across the street from Prince's star at 1st Avenue. Seville and O'D's exist as two residents in a massive duplex.

Dermot Cowley immigrated to the USA from Ireland when he was a young man, worked his way up in the hospitality industry and bought O'D's.

I first became aware of Seville's neighbors when a young stoner named Jake came into Seville and sat at the bar, informing me that his dad owned the pub next door. In addition to owning that pub, Jake's family also owns two other popular restaurants in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. It is likely that the Cowleys are millionaires.

Jake has mutual friends with some of the Seville staff who I loathe. He and I chatted for a while, as he told me that his family keeps a distance from their workplace stripper neighbors because of our lifestyles that they don't always agree with. As a stripper, I found it odd that he was nonchalantly telling me this. However, Jake Cowley was charismatic, physically attractive and heir to the O'Donovan's throne, so I thought to myself, “I've gotta get his cash.”


While Jake had been inside of Seville in the past, he said he wasn't one to get lap dances until meeting me. Sometimes while visiting me, Jake had to run next door to O'D's, to grab some more cash out of his parents' register, so he could pay for more lap dances. When he did this, I would think to myself, “What a loser.”

Sean Joseph Mc Carthy is a worker at O'D's, and he is close with the Cowley family. He immigrated from Belfast a few years ago and as a Northern Irishman, Mc Carthy has a face that exhibits more of the horsey Prince Charles English traits, rather than the exquisitely bright-eyed Irish angel face of the brunette Cowleys.


Jake bragged to me about how Mc Carthy had fornicated with various Seville dancers over the past couple of years, due to their attraction to his accent. It certainly couldn't have been his horsey physical appearance. Jake boasted that Mc Carthy has “gotten in trouble” for his womanizing around the O'Donovan's-Seville stomping grounds. When he said this, I felt sad for the women who work at O'D's and surely have to hear about this type of behavior in their workplace. Sean Joseph Mc Carthy is facebook friends with misogynists I have written about during The Seville Series, such as Ben the Seville bartender. Recently, Mc Carthy left the misogynist slur “cunt” on Ben's facebook wall.

Here is a photo of one of the advertising banners that has hung off of O'D's in downtown Minneapolis:


This type of climate creates a hostile working environment for female servers and wait staff, and I feel nothing but pity for the women who work at O'Donovan's.

As much as I love Irishness and appreciated Jake Cowley, the prominent thought that I have about all this is that I sincerely hope their pub gets sued for creating a hostile working environment for their female wait staff.

Jake Cowley was one of my all time favorite customers. His presence in the suffocating sludge of Seville was like oxygen, while my coworkers were busy with more grotesque clientele, grunting and heaving in semi-rhythmic trances. Around the time that my litigious past came to light, he stopped coming into Seville to visit with me. It made me very sad. He is probably far too normal to ever associate with me in the daylight anyway. Individuals like Jake Cowley are much too comfortable in their roles to ever rebel against the toxicity of the O'Donovan's-Seville duplex.