The Seville Series: Dino Perlman and RCI

This is Dino Perlman.


He is a money swindling con artist who opened and owned Seville from 2004 until 2015. As a con artist, he went from woman to woman, convincing each one that she was an independent contractor, fabricating the truth about labor law, even though he enforced rules that legally classified them as employees. For his own personal and financial gain, he didn't pay them an hourly wage, charged them various fees for working and made them tip his recognized employees so he didn't have to pay them a living wage out of his pockets. Weasle con artist Dino Perlman had signs put up in the dressing room, telling dancers to give their money away to his employees. His recognized employees were a crew of abusive predators, many of who still work at Seville. He sold his business to a corporation called RCI in 2015.

RCI owns the Rick's franchise of strip clubs, which were sued in a class action several years ago for misclassification. Rick's does not always succeed with preventing sexual harassment. For example, Rick's in Minneapolis was recently sued for sexual harassment.

During my arbitration, Minneapolis RCI regional manager Kevin Arrowood admitted that Dino Perlman did not operate Seville in a legally consistent way with regards to misclassifying dancers. Kevin Arrowood made it clear that Dino Perlman enforced rules upon dancers that made them employees. Kevin stated that when RCI took over, they changed the rules enough to classify correctly. It is great that Kevin was able to admit that Dino Perlman was conning women for years, but Kevin was incorrect when claiming that RCI stopped all that.

Hopefully Seville continues to get sued until they change their business practices. A great way to keep the conversation going is to do press and publicity, so that dancers have plenty of resources and exposure to the truth. Here is a recent exclusive I did with the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Please Click