Troubles in Madison, Wisconsin

The other day, I auditioned and was hired at a club in Madison, called Visions. Within the first four hours of working, I saw a lot of disgusting looking heavy petting for little to no money. I decided the club wasn't for me, so I got dressed, packed up my things, and attempted to leave. I told the bouncer that I was leaving. He told me that I couldn't leave yet, because I hadn't paid my house fee, tip out, and because I needed manager approval to leave. I reminded him that I was quitting, and attempted to walk out the door to get to my car. Somewhere in my pursuit of getting outside, he put his hands on me, to try to physically prevent me from leaving. He pawed at my purse. I told him not to touch me, and attempted to open my car door. He yelled for a second bouncer to barricade my car door, so he could get a manager. I called 911. In all my years of quitting strip clubs, nothing like this had ever happened before.

While I was on the phone with 911, the manager came out and told the bouncers to let me go. I told the 911 dispatcher what was going on. The dispatcher asked me if I wanted to fill out an assault report. I agreed to do that, and the dispatcher arranged for officers to meet me at the gas station next door.

A few minutes after sitting outside the gas station, two officers approached me. One was named Cary House (I asked for his business card) and a female officer, whose name and business card I didn't catch. I explained to them what happened. The female officer went over to Visions, to talk to the bouncers. While she was gone, Cary House told me that what the bouncer did by restraining me did not count as assault. Cary House proceeded to defend the bouncer's actions, by comparing my not paying or tipping out to stealing a candy bar from the gas station. That was the metaphor he used to describe strippers who do not tip or pay their illegal fees-- stealing candy from the gas station. Cary House attempted to make me agree with him. I was quickly realizing that Cary House was a man of low intellect, even for a cop.

Cary House's female partner returned, to tell me that the bouncer, Ian, denied putting his hands on me. She proceeded to tell me that the strip club could sue me for my fees (totaling $30) if they wanted to. She and Cary House told me that because I signed the contract, I was legally obligated to pay those fees. They compared me to a thief for not doing that. Since I realized I was dealing with two dangerous individuals with low IQs and lethal weapons, I didn't discuss labor law too much with them or my history of suing these types of places.

Since the incident, I've done some research on Cary House. I found that he has been suspended for firing his gun at a house party while his cop wife was drinking and driving that same night. I have found police misconduct complaints filed against him. Since I still don't know the name of his female partner, I can't research her yet.

I filed a complaint against Cary House with the Madison police, but I know that he will probably not experience any negativity for his behavior toward me. I know that police are a murderous gang that can slaughter people like Philando Castile and not get charged with anything. I know that Cary House will continue his life of bullying people and distributing false information about labor law. I know that the Visions bouncer, Ian, will probably continue his life of bullying strippers, physically restraining them for not tipping, and lying about it to cops, who will believe him.