Stage Skills

Sometimes during legal proceedings, the opposing side will bring in a dancer with a marginal amount of talent, and have her describe to the judge or arbitrator how her job requires skill. Sometimes, this will result in a demonstration of her skill. When the opposing side states that these skills are profitable or required for the job, they are lying. There are, however, a set of stage behaviors that are much more profitable than pole acrobatics, hoola hooping or other hobbies. Below is a list of things I have witnessed which are more profitable on stage. I don't engage in this behavior myself, and sometimes that results in termination after customers complain that I am rude:

-- Bringing a second stripper on stage and pretending to give her oral sex

-- Rubbing one's breasts in customers ugly disgusting faces

-- Pulling female customers up on stage and dry humping them

-- Pulling female customers up on stage and removing their clothes while their boyfriends and husbands watch

-- Getting down on all fours in doggy style sex positions

-- Fingering oneself

-- Sitting on customer's faces while they are seated at the stage

-- Removing dollars from customer's bodies with one's mouth