Activist Threats Tab

Previously on this website, I had a tab called "Activist Threats." In it, there were entries about conflict within the activist community that I experienced or witnessed. I still have an archive of the activist threats tab, available offline, and would be happy to share information with anyone who is wondering about problematic groups or individuals. Some of my Activist Threats topics included: Sex Worker Outreach Project, Caty Simon, Cris Sardina, Elle Stanger and Matilda Bickers. If you would like more information about those activist threats to stripper labor rights, please contact me. I removed the tab, because I want this website to focus more on the lawsuits and clubs. However, exposing threats within the activist world is still important. Information about these problematic entities should be available to anyone who asks. My contact tab is at the top of the page. I'd be happy to discuss McCarthyist Leftists, scabs and other obstacles. Please feel free to contact me.

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