The Seville Series: Serafina Richman

Prior to arbitration, I never knew Serafina Richman existed. She was the second dancer to testify. Serafina truthfully stated, during her testimony, that she never saw me before.


Among the things that Serafina Richman testified about is that her husband is a bouncer at the Minneapolis Spearmint Rhino, that she has danced at Seville for a number of years, that she is too old to go on stage, that she doesn't have management tell her any rules to follow aside from “don't break the law,” that she barely paid a house fee and that she doesn't talk to other dancers besides her girlfriend, who she brings with her to work.

Serafina would stand out to see dancing in Seville, due to her old age, orange skin, boulder-like fake tits and abundance of tattoos. Not only does Seville generally hire very young women, but women without a lot of tattoos or aesthetics that stray very far from an untainted, old Parisian beauty ideal, as one might find in the many paintings that are hanging around Seville like a renaissance art museum. The interior decorations of Seville look more like the Louvre or Moulin Rouge than a stereotypical strip club, so Serafina's janky look wouldn't blend in.

As with Melanie, Seville lawyer Casey Wallace brought up Serafina's gaudy breast augmentation surgeries, as a way to try to prove that Serafina is an independant contractor who invested in her business.

I have no idea what connections Serafina Richman has to Seville that give her special privileges, or who her bouncer husband knows in the industry. Usually when dancers have special privileges like Serafina's, it has a lot to do with either long-lasting friendships, drug deals, the exchange of bodily fluids or the sharing of DNA. Usually when men like Serafina's husband work in the industry, there is a similar connection. The cores of strip clubs are often like the mafia.

There wasn't much else to Serafina's testimony. It was boring, quick, to the point and didn't offer a lot of information, aside from reaffirming what was already stated by people I barely knew or never met. It was obvious to me that Seville scraped up whatever aging stripper from their inner circle they could find, to crawl from the cracks of the past and defend their home, their heart, their hearth-- their club.

What I liked about Serafina's testimony is that she didn't speak on behalf of the the vast majority of other dancers at Seville, who do not have connections and privileges. I was glad that Serafina didn't lie about that like Melanie did.