The Seville Series: Kevin Arrowood

Kevin Arrowood is the man pictured below:


He put on a lot of weight since this picture was taken, and looks much bigger in person. The woman next to him is his baby mama, Huong Nguyen.

Kevin is the Minneapolis regional manager of RCI, but their lawyer barely knows him and kept calling him "Kevin Arrowhead" at arbitration. I never spoke with him while I worked at Seville, but he knew who I was. The company knew who I was long before they got rid of me. Because of google, most strip clubs figure out who I am within a very short period of time.

Kevin denied everything in arbitration. I never had any personal beef with him, as we never spoke. In arbitration, Kevin stated that he comes to Seville regularly to check things out. Most dancers do not talk to Kevin, and when he was around, he would only do a brief walk-through before heading somewhere out of sight. It wasn't like he was regularly available for anyone to approach.

At arbitration, Kevin stated that his email address is available at Seville for the dancers to contact about problems. I vaguely remember it posted in the dressing room somewhere. I urge future dancers to contact Kevin immediately with any problems you are having. The “floor hosts” will be as evasive as possible and lie when necessary, to keep their jobs and prevent dancers from winning lawsuits. You must put it in writing and give all of your problems to Kevin Arrowood. He is an evil scumbag too, but it will increase your chances of getting justice or at the very least, a settlement.

If you can't find Kevin's contact information at Seville, his home address is available on google.