Shakers Studies: DillWeed666

DillWeed666 is a handlebar that Shakers manager Dillon Maynard made in is younger days. His accounts with this handlebar were mostly deleted from the internet, coincidentally around the time that Dillon became acquainted with Luckily I was able to save this photo of DillWeed666 before it disappeared:


Dillon's voice sounds exactly like James Hetfield's from Metallica. He usually speaks in monotone. Occasionally, his words come out Southern. When I first went to Shakers, it was Dillon who had me sign the first lease agreement. He's come up in a few Shakers Studies posts already. Dillon is a balding twenty-something who is the main manager at Shakers. Even Dan Robinson's kids aren't as in charge around that place as Dillon is. He is mild-mannered and attached to the Robinson family as though they are his own family. He gives off an orphan vibe and lacks a certain confidence, as though he was neglected early on. Dillon spends most of his waking hours working at Shakers and has spent his birthday and vacations with the Robinsons.

Dillon doesn't get excited a lot. When he does, such as when he is watching a sportsball game, he walks with a bounce in his step and moves about like a jumping bean. At times there is a goonish white boy swagger to him, like if a hip hop song comes on that he enjoys. Dillon's musical tastes aren't limited to just one genre; he also likes Nickleback and The Black Keys.

Dillon has roots in the American Southeast and has slightly inbred facial features. Researching Dillon’s genealogy on is on my long-term to-do list, to see where he and I link up. I just had this instinctual feeling while working at Shakers that we are distant cousins. I would be willing to put money on it being in the 6th-14th range.


I dislike Dillon because he is a complicit participant in the misclassification and violence in Shakers. In the beginning, he did a good job of reciting everything he was supposed to recite. He probably had a lot of training and instruction from Dan Robinson and/or Dan Robinson’s attorney. Dillon doesn’t actually care about labor rights though. Last year after I made the post about a Seville manager talking quietly and nodding his head to avoid being audio recorded, Dillon started doing it. Last year after I told the harassing DJ Steven Loe that I didn’t want to go on stage and knew my rights, Dillon avoided me for the rest of the night. It is better for managers to avoid dancers who assert their rights, so they can pretend like they don’t know anything in case the club gets sued later. Fortunately I was assertive enough with Dillon to trap him and clearly record myself speaking with him about my rights and clearly record him acknowledging that he knew what happened. He was reluctant to participate in that conversation, but because he is a passive turd, I got him to anyway. I never saw Dillon throw out a customer for taking pictures or putting their hands on dancers, so I really hate him for allowing predators to feel comfortable. During my last handful of shifts, he would ask me why I was working there at all or suggest that I not work there, in an attempt to get me to leave. Dillon was aware that my vehicle and my body were being threatened with vandalism, violence and death. He didn't care enough to do anything about it. He mocked me by talking about “rights” and said that I should call the cops if it was so bad. Dillon knows that I wouldn't call the cops, and he kind of just stood around while his friends did horrible things. He’s just kind of this apathetic lump of poo floating along in the river of life, doing his job and loving the Robinsons. Complicit people and apathy have always been historically important for maintaining oppressive systems.

Dillon’s eyelids are often half-closed. Whenever we were outside together and a train was going by, he would gaze out at it in the darkness of the night until it rushed away. Dillon is a submissive worker and never sexually harassed any of the dancers that I was aware of. His romantic history with full figured women suggests that he is a chubby chaser. Last year after I left Shakers, his most recent girlfriend sent me a facebook friend request. When I asked her why, she said it was an accident. When I asked her why she was looking at my page, she did not answer me. Dillon blocked me after that, even though I never messaged him about it.