Press Rejections

A few months ago, I announced that would be featured in the New York Times. A journalist from that publication had contacted me back in January about an article, and I had spent hours on the phone, letting her interview me. However, in the subsequent months after that post, our communication fizzled and she decided to do articles about pregnancy in the workplace instead. I told her to fuck off.


A few weeks ago, some journalist with Associated Press contacted me about sex workers being excluded from the #MeToo movement. However, since she misread my website and thought I had retired from dancing already, she didn't actually want to interview for her piece. She just wanted to waste my emotional labor and time by contacting me. I emailed her a string of expletives, and then she emailed me one more time to tell me that she really liked my website.

There were a couple of inaccurate and unauthorized articles published on the internet, about a lawsuit in Southern Minnesota that I am currently involved in.

Late last year, around the time that the #NYCStripperStrike and #MeToo really took off, what happened was a lot of journalists thought they could catapult their careers, by wasting the time of sex workers who are perfectly capable of writing for themselves. Journalists have a history of exploiting vulnerable people for click bait, wasting our time, emotional labor and energy. I am haunted all the time by that horrible, inaccurate and grotesque article that Bryce Covert put out about me on ThinkProgress, and I'd love to meet her in a back alley some time to sort it out.