Shakers Studies: Corleawn Ross

Corleawn Ross ended up a single mother of three by her mid-twenties. She supports her family by being a stripper, cause love don't pay the bill$, y'all.


One of the reasons why a lot of strippers are resistant to having their employee rights recognized, is that many strippers draw welfare money from the government. They don't like telling the IRS about the all the money they make per year from strip clubs. They'd rather continue getting welfare checks, and skip things like Title VII protection, benefits and a union.

Corleawn Ross went by Serenity at Shakers. I had a recurring problem there, where customers would be mad at me in the back room for not sucking their dicks or pleasing them sexually like several dancers did for them. I avoided customers who had been Serenity's, because this is what they expected out of me after being her customer. Like with Dallas, Serenity had a tendency to coddle misogynist losers who were mad at me for not giving them enough of my time or energy. Serenity contributed to gossip with regards to me being “cold” and “negative.” These are terms that misogynists and their sympathizers use when they feel entitled to a woman's time and attention.


As a word of advice to strip club patrons looking for a little more-- don't go for smoking hot Valkyries who sit by themselves sipping coffee. You'll get more bang for your buck in the back room if you pick a dancer who is desperate to break a hundred.

Serenity did this thing where she would loudly talk about people within ear shot, but not say anything directly to them. For example, one of her customers sexually assaulted me before I turned him down for a dance. He had a hatred for females because of his inability to attract one outside of the strip club. Serenity proceeded to discuss my negative attitude with him, loudly so I could hear. That's what passive-aggressive losers do together. It grossed me out to hear, but one will find a variety of misogynists in any industry who are willing to do the same thing.


Sometimes in strip clubs, I don't necessarily have to socialize or hustle customers for dances. I can just stoically sit by myself sipping coffee with my long porcelain legs draped over the chair, and they just come to me. Serenity noticed this and didn't like it very much. She didn't like it when I worked on nights that she worked.

The first time Serenity saw me, I was sitting by myself at an end bar stool drinking coffee. I keep a poker face and don't show my emotions in the strip club very often. She took one look at me and said loudly to her friends,

“She a NAZI!”

This was not the first time that I have had a dumb person stare at my svelte body type, complexion and stoicism and call me a NAZI. In fact, it has happened multiple times throughout my life in strip clubs. It especially freaks people out when I dance to Rammstein on stage instead of bouncy songs about ass. Being an introverted person only contributes to their delusions about who I am.

Serenity was taking a break from Shakers in the days leading up to my last shift, and on that last shift she learnt that the club had decided to switch over to calling us employees and recognizing those rights. As stated in previous entries, the club manipulated ignorant dancers into believing that this would be a bad thing. Serenity was very upset by it, almost in tears, and said to a customer who had asked her why they were switching,

“Cause girlz iz bein' dumb.”

I wasn't being dumb when distributing Know Your Rights fliers, suing strip clubs for misclassification and doing national press about it. Serenity is just a dumb person herself, with no knowledge of the labor movement. That's all. Shakers being pressured to recognize our rights was an amazing feat that I will forever hold dear, even if it was temporary.