Shakers Studies: Final Thoughts

Looking over all of my Shakers Studies posts that I have made since last Summer, I realize how much I hate that place. Dan Robinson is terrible and the whole club sucks. Any positive comment or thought that I had about it was overshadowed by how awful it is in other ways. It was just a relief not to have to wear stripper shoes, shave my bush or have my hustle regulated by silly laws and rules.

Shakers is a place where violent hookers rule and disgusting farmers are allowed to sexually assault vulnerable young women who didn't know they could say no. I don't even like that dancer London who I posted about before. While doing this series, I learned that she does porn with that ugly rapist James Deen-- the guy who raped Stoya.

There were occasionally sane and/or attractive women working at Shakers, but they never stayed long. The Shakers staff and Charlene Hoeppner make sure it stays icky in there.

Dan Robinson is too dumb and evil to understand how gross Shakers is for women who aren't hookers, but he gets sympathy and hangs out with Charlene Hoeppner, so he thinks it's all justified. He's just a slimeball hypocrite who loves violating labor laws and harassing women into submission, or using his friends to make death threats until the dancers he wants gone leave. The club is known for being slow and having a bunch of ugly people working there. It's like binge watching the TLC network with midgets and retarded people all over the place. The VIP rooms have bottles of lube and boxes of tissue available on the coffee tables.

Rapists and sexual predators don't like it when women ask for money up front, because they can't assault someone that way and hold her money hostage. Rapists and sexual predators don't like it when women say no. Women like that are not welcome at Shakers. If someone would have murdered me at Shakers, Dan Robinson and his friends would have been fine with that. I hope an F-5 tornado forms over Shakers this Spring and kills everyone inside who I have posted about on this series.

Bravo to Elizabeth Mays and Kathleen Neary for winning their lawsuit, but this place is hopeless. I have audio recordings of almost all of my Shakers shifts if anybody wants them to sue the club in the future. My experience there was abnormal, and it is likely that anyone else suing the club would win. I'd be happy to help in any way that I can.

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