SWERFS in The Trades

One can find all kinds of violent misogynist males in the trades who don’t deserve to breathe. Unfortunately for former sex workers, not only are men often horrible to us, but women as well. Oregon Women in Trades workers demolished a former strip club and made headlines several years ago because of it. One article called this “poetic justice.” I have trolled Oregon Tradeswomen over the years on social media, asking for clarification and a statement regarding how they view the validity of sex workers experiences. They don’t really respond. Usually former strippers hide their pasts when joining the trades, because there isn’t a lot of support. Oddly, there are many former sex workers who do join the trades. For athletic women with thick skins, joining the trades is a great career path to pursue if you are trying to get out of dancing. Many tradeswomen organizations foolishly think that they are going to make the trades 20% women by 2020, and use that as their motto. These same groups do nothing to support feminine women. I don’t know why they don’t just call their group Butches in The Trades, because that is who they cater to. It is really funny that anti-femme and anti-sex worker women’s trades groups think that they are going to increase the numbers of women in trades.