The Choice Series: An Introduction

I made this post almost three years ago. It’s amazing how time has flown. I have avoided doing The Choice Series for a while, because it was so emotionally devastating. I am now far enough removed from the situation to post about it.


The Choice case was appealed in district court and lost with a jury trial. I mostly lost my faith in humanity and the legal system after that. The Choice staff who testified, including the owner, said things on the witness stand that could have easily led to my victory, had the jury been logical. The Choice staff admitted to violating labor laws and misclassification. There were no backstabbing dancers from Choice who were willing to testify against me, so it’s not like I had to deal with any of that nonsense in this case, as I have had to deal with in others. One would think that these factors would give me an easy win. However, juries can decide whatever they want, regardless of logic.

The Choice Series will analyze the jurors, depositions and judge who participated in this travesty of a decision.

My advice to those getting into stripper labor rights activities is that you win some and you lose some, for no other reason than misogynist bigots on juries and ugly men who can’t get fucked, deciding your fate. Don’t hold out false hopes that you will always succeed, just because it is logically true that the law is on your side. A part of resilience is continuing on your path, despite horrific people standing in your way.

The next couple of months on will be dedicated to dissecting the Choice decision. Stay tuned, and in the mean time, this article about Minneapolis club reform is a nice read.