The Seville Series: Jeremy Chase

Jeremy Chase is a middle-aged man who displays a sense of entitlement to the free emotional labor from young women in his workplace. He works as a bar back at Seville and was one of the worst coworkers I have ever had in my life. I never complained about him to management, because he is friends with many of the staff members and had a certain power over them that I did not understand. He often joked about cocaine, and I often wondered if he was everybody's drug dealer. Bar backs aren't normally as popular in strip clubs as Jeremy was. I did not discuss his behavior in arbitration, or even tell most people about it.

My contact tab is at the top of this page. If you have information about Jeremy's past harassment, abuses, criminal history or behavior, please contact me. I will keep your information private if you want me to. I want to understand how a hairy beast like Jeremy Chase became who he is at Seville, despite his lack of substance and success in life.


In the beginning, we would say hi in passing. While he was walking behind me, up stairs for example, he would look at my ass and say things like, “mmm,” in the way that people sometimes do when they have food in front of them. That grossed me out, but I just ignored it, because I was able to dismiss him as a simple and harmless misogynist bar back who nobody really cares about. However, I began to notice his physically flirtatious friendships with some of the dancers. Though Jeremy is out of shape and unsightly, some of the Seville dancers seem to be close with him. While I worked at Seville, I saw him put his hands many of the dancers to hug, caress and cradle. It confused me why he seemed to have such great connections with so many vulnerable young women trying to make a living. I would watch in confusion as these things happened night after night. Unlike any other bar back with whom I have ever worked, Jeremy would be hanging out in strange places, like the dressing room, the small space behind the front stage curtain, and anywhere in close proximity to my fellow strippers. He took up space and attention whenever he had a free moment, to make sex jokes and discuss his love of ass. Jeremy's jokes aren't very funny. For example, he once stated that he gave his roommates a lesson on how to repair a bicycle, in exchange for then giving him “blow jobs.” That was a joke Jeremy was making, and displays his plebeian sense of humor that revolves around his own genitals.

Jeremy is not a professional or successful photographer, but he pretends to be one sometimes. Most real photographers I know don't work full time as a bar back and live in a rental home with lots of roommates like Jeremy does. The photographs that Jeremy puts on the internet are almost always of women, often Seville strippers, wearing little to no clothes. The photos look nice because the subjects are beautiful, but the actual photography isn't anything special. He thinks he is a photographer though, and spent much of his work shift snapping photos of strippers.

Jeremy didn't mind dating the dancers outside of the club, which management knew all about, as well as his wife, Megan Chase, who is a bar tender at Seville. Megan was in her twenties, was cosmetically augmented and fit many mainstream beauty standards . Megan has been mentioned in a previous post here, about when she was disgruntled with me for telling on her friend Amber for sexually assaulting me. Although Megan surrounds herself with awful people, she is a sweet and passive person with sad eyes and a demure personality. Megan disliked me, because her comrades did. I don't think she has very high self-esteem or an identity of her own. Sometimes Megan would poach customers who came to see strippers, and give them lap dances herself. Currently in NYC, many strippers are on strike because bartenders in NYC spend so much of their time behaving like strippers, while also receiving an hourly wage and employee benefits. Some of Megan's work is similar to that.


With my reserved nature and disgusted facial expressions, Jeremy realized that I disliked him. His behavior toward me switched from creepy flirtatious predator, to treating me as a threat to be removed from the club. He began to do things to make my work life uncomfortable and to convince other people to dislike me as well. He would loudly discuss how he didn't think I should be working at Seville because I was not outgoing enough. He would talk to multiple staff members about it, initiating these conversations. He would complain if I was sitting at the bar and he had to do some work up there, because he thought my personality was a “buzz kill.” Jeremy began to critique my body as well, and comment to other people about how he thought I needed to be more curvaceous, so that he could find me more attractive. He would go into gross detail about it. It's painful to experience all that and be mostly powerless. Nobody with power at Seville cares about that kind of behavior. It's a terrible place to be, but a place that a lot of young women want to work. Despite everything that one must endure at Seville, it is a great place to make money. I know I wasn't the only person to be picked on by Jeremy, nor was I the only person to be fired because I didn't go along with his weirdness.

Jeremy didn't spend money at Seville as a customer or contribute financially. He probably didn't have a lot of money to spend. The kinds of women who Jeremy seemed to prefer were the naive and vulnerable. His instagram has a meme that says something like, I like my women how I like my rum: 18 years old and full of coke. That is how people like Jeremy succeed socially. In the regular world, he is a nobody. Seville is the only place where Jeremy is somebody important. He will take great effort to get rid of women who don't agree.