The Seville Series: Erika Grinols

Erika Grinols is an older woman bartender and front desk cashier who has worked at Seville for a very long time.

Erika once described my behavior as “bullshit” because I wouldn't sit with a customer who was unwilling to give me any money. She thought I should have sat with him for free. As stated before, Seville most often hires very young and naive dancers without previous experience, because they are much more willing to sit with people who want free attention. Erika received an hourly wage for her labor.

Erika was a person who spent time discussing how she didn't think I should be working there, because I did not give customers free attention. Many of the other dancers avoided her, because she was so mean to them. Many of the dancers wondered aloud why trollish Grinols was allowed to work at Seville and be so cruel to the them for various reasons.

One time, Megan Chase overheard me discussing stripper labor rights with another dancer while I was sitting at the bar. She scurried over to Erika Grinols to tell on me, and then they both stood together to glare at me. Erika Grinols doesn't like it when beautiful women discuss how to defend themselves against their oppressive employer.

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