Kimberly K. Moore

Below is a photo of Kimberly K. Moore. She was a stripper at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club during the same time that I was. She was involved in a sexual relationship with a DJ there, named Dustin Chaves. Kimberly couldn't cut it as a dancer, so she switched to being a cocktail waitress. I never tipped DJ Chaves, and Kimberly didn't like it very much that her boyfriend couldn't bully me into giving him my money. Before Hustler and I reached resolution, Kimberly volunteered to testify on Hustler's behalf. She was going to describe how she thought she was an independent contractor while dancing, but an employee while waiting tables. Kimberly is not good at understanding the Economic Realities test, so thoughts about nuance in employment situations don't happen inside of her head. She is a scab.