Leo Mena

In Madison Mainwaring's Vice magazine article about me, she begins:

"During a ten-hour shift at work this past spring, Brandi Campbell was getting into an elevator when her manager grabbed her and pulled her close to his body. He wanted to know why she hadn't replied to his multiple requests to take her out for sushi. This wasn't the first time Campbell's boss had been inappropriate with her. In the eight months that she'd worked for him, he had habitually brushed his hands across her thighs and rubbed her shoulders. He had demanded her personal phone number so many times that she'd given in, and now he wouldn't stop calling, even though she had made it clear she wasn't interested."

That manager was named Leo Mena. He is the big, grotesque, ogre-looking fella pictured below. The woman next to him was one of my fellow strippers at Hustler, named Ayumi. It looks like Ayumi was more complacent than me about the dining invitation.