Does Brittany Carollo Sadistically Enable Sexual Assault?

When most dancers start working at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Las Vegas, they are put on the day time shift, which starts at 4 PM. This is a time of day when clubs are slow, and it is more difficult to make money. Dancers must leave by 10 PM if put on this shift, although sometimes, in order to make more money, they sneakily stay after 10 PM. That is what I did when I first started working at Hustler.

While most of the managers didn't bother tracking me down and telling me to leave at 10 PM, Brittany Carollo went out of her way to bother me about that whenever she could.

For many dancers, being forced to work the day shift meant enduring more sexual assault, out of desperation. Because of the slowness of the day shift, there were not a lot of customers to choose from. Brittany knew all of this, but continued to harass dancers who stayed past 10 PM without her permission.

I only had to work the day shift for about a month before being allowed to come in at busier times. Even after other managers gave me permission to stay while it was busy, Brittany continued to bother me about it. I had to tell her bosses that I needed her to leave me alone. Other dancers were not so lucky, and many wondered aloud who the young woman bullying them was. Several dancers wondered aloud if Brittany was the result of inbreeding, because of her recessed chin and lack of jaw bone. Several dancers wondered if Brittany, with her stout stature and unshapely frame, harassed attractive dancers out of jealous spite. Many more other unfavorable things were whispered about her in the halls and crannies of the Hustler dressing room, from dancers who were at the mercy of Brittany's torment.

Brittany Carollo was in her early twenties while I worked at Hustler. When she wasn't harassing dancers who she didn't like, she spent much of her work shift sitting at the hookah bar, smoking flavored tobacco. While working at Hustler, I found Brittany's resume on the internet, to see that she had experience working for progressive organizations, such as Planned Parenthood. It amazed me that she would go from Planned Parenthood to managing a place like Hustler where sexual assault and worker exploitation is prevalent. In an industry dominated by male staff and management, it was abnormal to have Brittany working in her position, even more because of her age.

Many dancers hypothesized that Brittany must have been related to someone powerful or had a relationship with someone in charge. Whatever kind of connection Brittany has, I never saw her exercise power to protect the vulnerable, exploited, assaulted or oppressed as it was happening all around her. In 2013, she was a registered republican.

Brittany was present during my termination, when I was told that part of the reason I was being fired was for offering my lawyer's contact information to workers who were having their rights violated. It was her job to sit and stare at me, as a witness.

Brittany can be found on facebook under the name "Brittany Rose." Her facebook contains quotes from Marilyn Monroe, Chuck Palahnuik and Lana Del Rey.