Shakers Studies: Devon

Do any of my readers have the surname of a Shakers staff member who went by Devon? He was the very skinny young man who served soft drinks and expressed sentiments of disgust whenever rambunctious customers were degrading the dancers. I didn’t like it when Devon watched me on stage, because I knew he was judgmental about dancers.

Sometimes Devon complained about feeling tired, because of his multiple wage slave jobs that were draining him of energy.

When it came out that I am a labor activist who has sued some strip clubs, Devon became even more rude to me than he was before. One night I almost missed my house fee and thought I would be terminated. Devon said “Haha” during a conversation between Dillon and I. It struck me as strange that a scrawny, fatigued victim of capitalist greed like Devon would not be in favor of my type of activism, but then again, what’s the matter with Kansas?

What’s the matter with Devon in Nebraska? Will someone please send me his surname so I can research him on Google? I know almost nothing about him, other than his strange face that is shaped like male genitalia.