Shakers Studies: Joyce Schuster and Dustin Robinson

Joyce Schuster is in a long-term romantic relationship with Dustin Robinson, who is the son of Shakers owner Dan Robinson. They did a lot of paperwork and cashier stuff at Shakers while I worked there. Joyce used to dance at Shakers, where Dan had the opportunity to see her strip. That has to be a strange subject at family gatherings. If any of my readers have knowledge of that subject ever coming up at Robinson family gatherings, please let me know through the contact tab at the top of this page.


Joyce Schuster was the first person at Shakers to tip me off that my website had been discovered. Before the monologues, DJ harassment or dancer gossip had ever started, Joyce displayed certain facial expressions and body language that people do after they've googled me. She didn't have to say anything; I just knew. It was only a couple of weeks into working at Shakers, and I was surprised that I had been discovered so quickly.

Joyce told me that she stopped dancing at Shakers when the rule was removed about customers touching dancers. I informed her that I usually didn't allow customers to touch me, and that it is still possible to operate like that in the club. Joyce told me that she didn't like having to argue about it with customers, who would bring up the other dancers who did allow them to touch. Sometimes I’d punch dudes for trying to touch me, and the Robinsons were fine with it. Shakers never made me give customers a refund if they left the VIP room early.

Joyce and Dustin were somewhat normal people in this strange and skeezy environment. In a lot of clubs I have worked, the owner will have a slimy son with some plastic surgery addict girlfriend tagging along to party with him. Joyce and Bearded Dustin were humble and modest. They appeared to be a young and kindly liberal couple one might see shopping at a co-op. Joyce and Dustin both expressed liberal opinions about things like immigrant rights, politics and animal welfare. Sometimes, I felt ambivalent about them. Sometimes, their auras felt good to be around.

Dustin's facebook has some posts over the years that are offensive to women. He slut shames, as well as expresses certain ideas that are consistent with the ideas of Men's Rights Activists. Dustin's beard is cool looking, but underneath it all, he is the weak-chinned son of a strip club owner. Joyce is probably the best he can get. Mutual to that, Joyce probably couldn't do much better than someone like Dustin.

Weak Chin.jpg

Joyce and Dustin saw the frenzied nutcase dancers harassing me, heard the kooky DJ attempting to break me down, knew about drunk Rick. They were there with Shakers through the lawsuit of Elizabeth Mays. They know that Dan Robinson breaks, or borderline breaks, labor laws and manipulated dancers with his temporary switch to a type of employment that would be undesirable. When I began explaining worker rights to new dancers after they asked me why I wasn't going on stage, Joyce looked worried and told the Robinsons about it while pointing at me. As with many ShitLibs in many situations around the world, I just don't understand the hypocrisy.