Shakers Studies: Here's to You, Tyler Robinson

Dreamy, isn’t he? Regard the saintly tilted eyebrows. I called him Ty. If you look closely at this pic, you can see he is wearing a stylish pair of American flag shorts.


Tyler is Dan Robinson’s youngest heir to the Shakers throne, and most aesthetically gifted in the genetics department. With dimples and bone structure like that, Tyler needn’t hide his face with hair. He’s about six feet tall. I think there are other Robinson siblings besides Dustin and Tyler, but they were the two who worked at Shakers while I was there. I always thought Tyler looked like Draco Malfoy, but his demeanor was the complete opposite of Malfoy’s. It makes me sad that someone as sweet and darling as Tyler is associated with all of the horrible fucking people from Shakers. He turned 21 around the time that I was there. I hope he breaks away from that place and does wonderful things with his life, but I’m not sure if he will.


When I first started working at Shakers, he kind of just stood in the cash register area, observing the other staff work, occasionally helping out. He smiled a lot, bashfully, as though he hadn’t a lot of experience seeing naked women. He did managerial tasks on slower nights, such as coming upstairs to the dressing room while I was disrobed, to have me sign a new contract. He did not make me feel uncomfortable or sexually harass dancers in any way that I was aware.

There are so many workplace supervisors in the world who will sexually harass their female subservients through sexual innuendo and euphamism, body shaming, obsessively staring at their body parts and discussing them with other men in the workplace, hitting on temps. There are angry little men with Napoleon syndrome and tiny hands in the world, who blame their life problems on Affirmative Action and welfare recipients. The world has supervisors like that in the world, for sure. Tyler was the opposite of that kind of a supervisor.

I genuinely enjoyed working with Tyler and never wanted him to think that he would end up on the site with a bad post. Near the end of my time at Shakers when the staff was trying to strategize on how to get rid of me, Tyler stopped pleasantly saying hello. It was a real bummer, but even then he still couldn’t help but be kind.

If any of my readers are willing, I’d like to know who the mother of these Robinsons are. I’ve looked online and cannot find anything. Dan Robinson is single, and occasionally posts memes on his facebook about how his ex dislikes him. Who is this woman who gave her offspring cutesy 90’s pop names like Dustin and Tyler? I hope Tyler strays from the family business and doesn’t become hardened and mean like Michael Corleone did in The Godfather.