Lease Agreements

Since so many strip clubs are losing misclassification suits, one route that some of them have taken is to rename their misclassified employees "lease holders." The clubs treat them the same way they would as misclassified employees, but pretend like the dancers are "leasing space" to work instead. It's the same independent contractor bullshit, but with different etymology. The term is still pretty new to me. I haven't seen any losses of lawsuits with this new name. My guess would be that there are a lot of settlements going on that aren't in the news.

I had a joyous settlement with Silk Exotic Madison last year when they fired me as a "lease holder." The NLRB took good care of me. You can search for that post in the site search bar at the top of this page.


The Nebraska club that I mentioned in a previous post also called us "lease holders." However, that place was a unique anomaly that I have no future plans to sue for misclassification. is gearing up for another series, this time about that Nebraska club, because the situation was so notable that it deserves it's own series. It will begin around the time that my essay about it on Whores of Yore publishes. Stay tuned for that!


The state of Ohio does the stripper lease bullshit en masse. I learned this very recently. Unlike the Nebraska club, Ohio goes to extreme lengths to exploit, abuse and use naive dancers who don't know their labor rights. Generally, dancers in Ohio are are misclassified employees, worked like dogs and patrolled by management in ways that make me nauseous. I don't know if the water is poisoned in that particular state, but there is something malfunctioning with a lot of it's citizens that extends beyond strip clubs.


As the Trump administration, libertarians, republicans and sell-out Democrats continue to disrupt the rights of workers that people fought and died for generations ago, the role of the term "lease agreement" in misclassification instances will probably not go away any time soon. Constant vigilance is necessary in the war on worker rights.