Full Nudity in Nebraska

The right to get fully nude in the adult entertainment workplace, without cited for prostitution, harassed or intimidated, is in jeopardy in the state of Nebraska right now. This is an area of law that labor activists and club owners are able to agree on.

I suggest that club owners in Nebraska look into the state of Oregon's nudity ruling, which allows dancers to be fully nude in clubs that serve liquor. It is a freedom of expression and human rights issue.

While I have many reasons to hate Larry Flynt, one issue that the Mohney and Flynt families and I agree on is that abolitionists who try to control nudity are causing harm to workers who choose to be nude.

Political figure Theresa Thibodeau, of Nebraska, is harming consensual workers when she makes false statements about liquor and nudity. If she really cared about the lives of strippers, she would be focusing her energy on misclassified employees and unions. Instead, she has an odd obsession with nudity that is not helping anybody. Her actions say more about her own psychological issues than those of other people. Please contact her and let her know that she should shift her focus from regulating nudity to misclassification and worker rights:

Phone: (402) 471-2714
Email: tthibodeau@leg.ne.gov