Daisy Anarchy and Zipporah Foster

I usually don't use this website for missed connection types of posts, but there are two OG litigious strippers who I haven't been able to track down. It would be wonderful to talk to either one of them.

Daisy Anarchy did a lot of stripper labor rights activism in the 90's. She received death threats and went into hiding for a while. Her internet presence exists, but there isn't anything current. I have no idea how to get into contact with her. If you are reading this and have any idea (with the exception of a certain NYC filmmaker who I don't want contacting me), I would love to be put into contact with Daisy.

Zipporah Foster was a Portland stripper who sued clubs around the time that I graduated college. I was so young then, and did not know what her lawsuits were about. Here is a link to one of the newspaper articles about her cases: click.

I hope that Zipporah is doing well. I know she didn't win at least one of her cases. We never worked at the same clubs together, but it would be wonderful to speak with her. I can't find her on the internet and don't think her facebook is current.

Communication with other people who have been through similar traumatic experiences can be very healing. Both Daisy and Zipporah seem to be uninvolved with the current stripper rights scene. Both Daisy and Zipporah are more than welcome to contact me.