The Airport Lounge, Milwaukee

I get accused of filing lawsuits for financial or personal gain, by morons mostly. It's a completely untrue accusation. One example of how this accusation is untrue is the time I reported The Airport Lounge in Milwaukee to the Wisconsin labor department.

Airport Lounge.png

In the Spring/Summer of 2017, I ran out of strip clubs in Minnesota to work at. While the state of Wisconsin is mostly known as a place with grotesque strip clubs where customers put their hands on dancers, there are a few exceptions that I sought out. I wanted to stay close to Minnesota, but not deal with contact clubs. Airport Lounge in Milwaukee was one club in Wisconsin I found which did not permit customers to touch dancers. Unfortunately, it was very slow in there, so I left after only a few shifts. There was no dramatic termination or departure, and I probably won't bother to take them to small claims court for the few hundred dollars that they stole from me in the form of unpaid wages and mandatory fees. But, I did report them to the Wisconsin department of labor for an audit. This was at no advantage to me personally, but will hopefully make for a better working environment at Airport Lounge for future dancers.

While working my few shifts at Airport Lounge, I audio recorded most of it. Below is a list of questionable practices and policies I encountered during my stay:

-- Church ladies are allowed into the dressing room, where they distributed scripture and anti-abortion literature, with titles like "Healing from Sexual Sin"

-- Mandatory house fees, pressure to tip the staff and cuts of dance money

-- Mandatory stage rotation with music selected by the DJ

-- A bouncer who referred to dancers as "bitches"

-- A bouncer who threw quarters at one dancer on stage and stated that he was attempting to get the quarter in her "pussy"

-- A bouncer who meandered around the dressing room while dancers were in various forms of undress, where he discussed how attractive he thought he was

-- At the end of the night, all dancers were required to get on stage together and stand around for a set

-- The owners wife told me that I had to dance for her friend, who was seated on stage for his birthday

-- The owner's (unsightly) wife dancing on the stage in her street clothes

-- Stoned staff, obviously high on cannabis or opiates

-- Racist anti-Asian comments among dancers in the dressing room

-- Dancers not being allowed to leave until a shift ended

It was an abnormally terrible club, even by strip club standards. In my experience, Wisconsin is the worst state in the entire USA for a dancer to work. I genuinely wondered how The Airport Lounge stayed in business when it was so slow and so poorly run. The owner and his son, two Southern European immigrants, sat in the corner most of the time, directing their managers to tell dancers what to do.

The Wisconsin labor department does not allow me to know how the investigation is going, because it is confidential. After I stopped working there and reported them, I mailed all of my recordings, journal and evidence to the correct places and moved on. It would be great to know if anything has changed at Airport Lounge since last Spring/Summer when they were audited.