A Brief History of We Are Dancers USA

Long ago in NYC, a stripper named Rachel Aimee started a group called We Are Dancers.


Rachel Aimee believed that it should have been up to dancers to "decide" whether or not they were independent contractors. With that mindset, Rachel Aimee showed that she did not understand the Economic Realities test, which is used to determine whether or not someone is an employee or an independent contractor. With that mindset, Rachel Aimee displayed her ignorance to the fact that people could be completely deluded about their own exploitation, by thinking they are independent contractors while being totally controlled by their oppressive bosses.

Rachel Aimee did not sue strip clubs herself, and mostly participated in We Are Dancers to socialize with other dancers, including scabs. A brave and risk-taking stripper who did sue clubs, named Hima, disagreed with Rachel Aimee about classification. Another brave and risk-taking stripper, named Daisy Anarchy, hates Rachel Aimee. While Rachel Aimee was creating scene-oriented cliques, Daisy Anarchy was taking on the city of San Francisco and attempting to reform labor law in the clubs, while she received death threats and feared for her life. Rachel Aimee is cowardly and lame, so she didn't do any of the cool stuff that Daisy Anarchy and Hima B. did. Here is Daisy Anarchy:


Eventually, Rachel Aimee had kids and stopped dancing. We Are Dancers was inactive for a while.

In 2013, I started going to SWOP Chicago meetings to talk about stripper labor rights. Sadly, I was the only stripper who attended the meetings. Everyone else at the meetings did some other kind of adult entertainment. I had nobody to empathize with about the specifics of strip clubs. One person in SWOP Chicago, Serpent Libertine, told me about her friend Codi, who was a dancer.

Codi never attended any of the SWOP events that I attended, and never helped me whatsoever when I was just getting into stripper labor rights activism. She worked at an extremely fucked up club just outside of Chicago city limits, called Polekatz. Codi was also active on StripperWeb.com, under the name Daffnie. I begged for Codi to help me with stripper labor rights or do something, ANYTHING to help me in any way, but she would not. Apathy for workers and people often extends to other species as well.

Millions of animals are killed in shelters every year because of selfish, narcissistic breeders and buyers. Codi Schei is one such selfish, narcissistic buyer. She purchased a micro-pig from a North Chicagoland breeder, even though she could have adopted a bunch of dogs for the same price, or donated her money to a pig sanctuary. Here she is with her designer pig:


Codi Schei is from the upper middle class Chicago suburb of Downer's Grove, while I am from Romeoville.

Seemingly out of nowhere last year, Codi Schei began revamping Rachel Aimee's We Are Dancers. She is now active on social media, advertising her group. Codi Schei isn't actually supporting litigious strippers who take risks and have to deal with death threats, joblessness, homelessness, blacklisting, hunger, despair, physical violence and trauma. That is because virtue signalling with memes and hashtags is more important to people like Rachel Aimee and Codi Schei. Not only is Codi Schei not doing anything to support suing strippers, but she is social media friends with scabs from Seville, as well as a scabby blog called Survive The Club. Like Daisy Anarchy was disgusted with Rachel Aimee for her disingenuous behavior, I am disgusted with Codi Schei for her disingenuous behavior.

History repeats itself, and here at StripperLaborRights.com, we hold the edge of strip club litigation, strikes and more.