Lesser of Many Evils

Every once in a while, a dancer will contact me because she has found the website through google. We will begin talking about clubs that poorly treat dancers. Sometimes, a dancer will then tell me that she found a club where the owner "isn't as bad" and "can be a lot worse." She then will begin to defend the owner, as though he is a great person for not being as exploitative as the next guy. Sometimes, she will praise his low house fee or tip out costs. That is really foolish. It's ok to be rude to them or to hate all of them. It's ok to not trust a one of them. Women are very conditioned to be sympathetic or kind. It's inevitable that they would minimize the exploitation in one club that isn't as bad, like a battered woman might marry a second time, to a husband who isn't as bad as the first. I encourage dancers to avoid this mentality and call it out when it comes up. It's OK to be really negative if the situation calls for it, if customers or staff are horrible in small or large degrees. Here is an encouraging video for you: