Your Club Won't Shut Down.

One major source of the harassment and threats that I receive from dancers, is the notion that stripper labor rights will shut down clubs.

Misclassification or other stripper lawsuits do not shut down clubs. The reasons clubs shut down are usually related to IRS or vice raids. Stripper Labor Rights is unrelated to those issues.

A classic union-busting tactic that businesses often use, is to say that they will shut down if labor conditions are improved. Gullible workers fall for these kinds of tactics, and accept their unsavory working conditions, because they think that's their only option to continue providing for themselves and their dependents. Strippers are often very gullible subservients to their bosses, in the most intimate of ways.

There are all kinds of worker rights obstacles in the strip club industry that aren't always as prevalent in other industries, so union busting and misclassification are a lot easier for business owners to get away with.

I'd really appreciate it if my coworkers of past, present and future would stop worrying that their club is going to close down because of me. I'd really like the threats and harassment to stop. The people who tell you those lies are taking advantage of your naive ignorance to union busting. They want to align me with right wingers or radical feminists who try to shut down clubs, and use this as a red herring to the issues of stripper labor rights.