Meet Greg Flaig

Greg Flaig is a loser from Ohio who works as a "consultant" for strip clubs.


For those unfamiliar with union busting, companies will often hire a "consultant" to do just that. Greg Flaig is a strip-club-specific union buster. He likes to spread lies and misinformation about me in Ohio and surrounding states, so that other dancers become afraid of me and want to kill me. Some of Greg Flaig's business behaviors are illegal though, so his consulting group is getting sued. I am also happy to announce that I am suing him, because the type of conspiracy that he is engaging in is illegal. Clubs that Greg Flaig has consulted are also getting sued for misclassification and illegal termination.

I don't shut down clubs, I don't video tape dancers at work, and I don't have a secret spy come in to record clubs for me. If you ever meet Greg Flaig, know that he is a lying piece of shit. If I get murdered in Ohio or surrounding states, please understand that there is a possibility my blood will be on Greg Flaig's hands.