The Choice Series: Melissa Nordvold

Melissa Nordvold should have been removed from the beginning. She expressed discontent toward strippers from the beginning. She expressed that her father’s business has independent contractors and that he was sued for misclassification. Melissa Nordvold should've been removed for these reasons, but my lawyer informed me that his main concern was to not get another mistrial, not actually winning. Judge Klein inspired a sense of hopelessness.


Melissa Nordvold is the last juror to be blogged about. There has been a delay in my writing about the jurors, because thinking of Melissa Nordvold fills me with rage and sadness. I have felt lethargic this past month thinking about her and people similar to her, of which there are many.

Melissa Norvold is a very large, Nordic looking stay at home mom with four kids, from an affluent suburb of Minneapolis. She is a registered republican. During the jury selection process, one of the questions that my lawyer asked the potential jurors was something about knowing strippers or other such adult entertainers. Melissa Nordvold stated that she used to have a coworker who was a stripper and everyone knew about it. My lawyer asked something about her former coworker telling people that she was a stripper. Melissa said no, the woman didn't tell other people, but they knew anyway. She said this in a very negatively judgmental, accusatory tone. Melissa spend most of her time during the jury selection process glaring at me, intentionally looking me in the eye and nodding her head with a defiant, pugilistic facial expression. I strongly suggested to my attorney that she be removed from the pool, that we make sure she didn't make it through.


Strippers who have encountered an angry wife or girlfriend in the club, accompanying their partner, will understand how Melissa Nordvold behaved in court. Many women with insecurities and internalized misogyny express a lot of discontent toward strippers. I can go into detail, but it depresses me to do so. My lawyer seemed to be completely oblivious to all of this.

Melissa nodded her head with sympathy for Choice throughout the trial, and glared at me in the hallway during break times. It was not surprising to learn that she was the point person when the jury announced their decision. Pardon the brevity of this post, but thinking of this horrid cunt of a human being makes me want to cry.

I would be so happy if I turned on the news and saw that Melissa Nordvold and her husband were murdered by a rabid gang of SJWs.