The Choice Series: Syed Razzaqi and Che-non Lee

You'll notice I've included two jurors in one entry this time. That is emphasize their similarities and togetherness that was exhibited throughout the trial. They weren't gay guys-- this was a bromance. It was both noteworthy and upsetting to notice their bond, because I knew it would not be in my favor.

Both of these guys were bachelors in their late 20's/30's, with no children or families. It didn't surprise me that neither of them had mates in their lives, because they were both so physically unattractive. The only way I would guess either of them could get a wife is through an arranged marriage enforced through their respective cultures. Apparently that hadn't happened yet for either of them. Both Syed and Che-non were around 5'6”, plump manlet dumplings, with nothing to offer the opposite sex in terms of looks and personality. While I haven't devoted significant time to finding photos of them, a quick google and facebook search didn't turn anything up. I know at least one of them is some type of IT professional.

Syed and Che-non both displayed behaviors and gestures that strongly suggested they were somewhat regular strip club patrons. For example, there was a part of the trial when we were discussing how I was not allowed to sell dances for more than $20. For those unaware, lap dances have been $20 since at least the late 80's. With inflation, prices should have risen for lap dances a long time ago, but because clubs want to attract more customers, they often do not allow dancers to charge more than $20, as was my situation at Choice. While I was called an independent contractor and should have been allowed to set my own prices, I was misclassified. I was actually an employee who was not allowed to set my own prices. During the time this subject was being discussed in court, Syed and Che-non were nodding their heads and chuckling with regards to dances being $20, as though that was a given right of theirs to purchase dances at that price. There were lots of other little missives like this throughout the trial. They looked like any two random fatasses I may have spoken with in the club on a Thursday night, wearing sweatpants and misogynistically attempting to get more bang for their buck. I know a strip club patron when I see one. It was obvious to me that they had no sympathy for dancers or women's causes whatsoever. So, fuck these dudes.

In the jury selection process, it was my SJW lawyers idea to get rid of the white guys first. I am not opposed to profiling and understand reality, so I wasn't offended by the suggestion. That being said, dancers should also know that short fat ugly guys with lineages from shithole countries are likely to be very misogynistic and side with the club. I didn't think these guys would favor me, but I just didn't say anything to my lawyer about it because I was being politically correct.